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    So here's the story: My sister and I looking to purchase our first handguns. According to my research, the first and foremost factor to consider is the fit to one's hand. We went to the gun range and my fit was the Glock 19 and my sister's fit was the S&W 9mm with the smaller grip option, so we shot the S&W in order to be cost effective. I want her to enjoy shooting a handgun, but she was pretty intimidated by the 9mm. I was able to to shoot a 4 inch grouping from 7yrds and 15yrds, but I want to make a hobby of this and purchase a handgun that is accurate, easy to fieldstrip and clean, and find affordable ammo. You guys are far more informed than I, so I'm asking for your help to direct me towards a terrific first handgun and something I can direct my sister towards. Her needs are self defense at the home (which may develop into a hobby) and mine revolve towards a hobby and being accurate at the range. So far, on paper a Glock fits the bill. What do you think?
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    Glock or Springfield, unless you happen to have disposable income. I've got a bit of a Kimber chubby, but can't justify the outlay because I don't need it. Of course, I don't NEED golf or fishing or beer, but one does what one can. :D

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    the S&W M&P 9mm arn't too expensive and they are easy to handle. No safety besides the trigger though, which is something to consider if it's a woman :). I kid, I kid... but them glocks are E-Z to strip down and so are the XDs. The M&P has a lil yellow lever inside the magwell that you have to push into the down position to deactivate the sear (i believe) and then the take down lever as well to get the slide off.

    I'm not big on glock grips but if you fancy the glock and it fits, they are pretty reliable from what i've seen and heard. check the individual glock and springfield pages for all the threads and such: there is a lot in there
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    It sounds like the Glock will fit your needs. Have you thought about the model 17? That is the standard "duty" Glock, so if you like the compact model 19, I imagine you will like the full size.
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    If you like the Glock then go with it but try the S&W M&P, it has three different back straps to fit the shooter's hand better and offers a more natural grip. I believe it has better sights and provides a better recoil than a Glock but that is a personal preference and something you will need to decide for yourself.

    My girlfriend and my daughter both carry Glock 27's. My son and I carry S&W M&P 45's. I cary a S&W M&P 9mm compact when the weather is warm or feeling lazy.
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    springfield xd. easy to clean and field strip. comes in variety of calibers. the double stacked xd's might be a little thick for ur sister i don't know. MAybe a 9mm 1911. accuracy of a 1911, with the less recoiled of the 9mm round. Plus the 1911 being steel frame will take a bit out of the recoil because of the weight. That would be where i would go, if u have the money to spare.
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    Did they have any SR9's? Don't overlook these. The way they feel in hand is amazing. This is due to the fact that it's the slimmest full-size 9mm available. They're also a little cheaper than any gun mentioned but don't fall short anywhere.
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    Kimbers great gun

    Ive got that cHubby for the kimber also my first handgun its a big cannon but oh!!! What fun and accurate to
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    If this gun is just for home and at the range (i.e. -not for carry, hunting backup, etc) I'd recommend something heavier with more controllable recoil...especially for your sister to to get comfortable with.

    For 9mm, I like the CZ 75b. But don't dismiss a revolver such as a Ruger GP100.

    Both are super accurate, built to last a lifetime, and can be had for well below your price point. And they'll both have better than average resale value should you decide to go in a different direction.

    But if there is some plan to carry, these aren't practical options.
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    Agree there 100%

    A steel framed weapon will have a much different felt recoil than a poly frame weapon. And CZ makes a great 1st weapon. I'd also think a wheel gun would make for a great range weapon but depending on barrel length could also be used as a carry weapon. They are easy to operate and really easy to clean.
  11. Mr. Bluesky

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    Browning Hi-Power. If you don't need to conceal, you can't do better than a design from the Prophet John. Plus, it's all steel, which will make the recoil more controllable for your sister.