First Handgun - XDM and Glock

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  1. Mapnapkin

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    I'm new to hand guns so this may be a bad question but..
    Is the XDM and Glock similar guns. They both seem to be around the same price and have the same features.. or am I wrong.

    I shot the Glock 17 at a range and didn't like it too much and I'm looking for my first handgun.

    I was looking at either Sig p226, S&W M&P, XDM

    I would also consider a 1911 but for the price range (~$600) it seems from everything I've read that they aren't the best guns unless you customize them properly.

    I know the end result will be going to the stores and ranges and picking guns up before making the final decision but I would like to have some knowledge first.

    Any insight would be great.

    lame typo on the subject line.. sorry for sounding stupid
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  2. katdadee

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    Hey Mapnapkin,
    I was in the same boat as you recently; looking to purchase my first handgun, either the Glock 19 or the XDM9. In my opinion, yes they are very similar guns as far as size, shape, functionality, etc. Until I shot the XDM9, I was without a doubt going to get the Glock 19. Once I shot the XDM9 I fell in complete love. The recoil was almost unnoticeable, the feel of the gun in my hand, the unbelievable accuracy, and the safety features are just some of the reasons why I love the XDM. I would strongly suggest that you find a local gun range that will allow you to rent the Glock and the XDM and then decide for yourself which one you like best.


  3. WDB

    WDB New Member

    Find a range that rents as many of the pistols you like then make your choice. Me I like the S&W M&P, good fit to hand, good shooter out of the box and comes from one of the best pistol companies in the world. I've had my M&P 45 for more than two years and with out question my carry pistol as it fits me well and I know it will do exactly what I expect with out concern.
  4. gorknoids

    gorknoids New Member

    I agree with both WDB and katdadee. :D BTDT.
  5. Kage0113

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    I am currently in the same boat. I don't have the luck of having a range that rents guns to shoot, but I have handled the M&P, XDm, and Glock. I didn't like the feel of the Glock. The only safety it has is the trigger safety, which if you are new to guns may not be a good idea. The XDm has a trigger safety and a grip safety. The M&P has a trigger safety and I believe and optional thumb safety?

    The best thing about the XDm and M&P are that they have interchangeable backstraps to contour to your hand, the Glock does not. This is where I was sold on the XDm. The grip is fantastic. The M&P is also good, my friend is buying the M&P 45. I preferred the XDm.

    The best thing for you to do is get your hands on all of them and feel them up, that is how I settled on the XDm, which I'm getting next week! All 3, meaning the M&P, XDm, and Glock are polymer pistols. They all have the same mechanics. They are easy to take apart and clean and reassemble. As far as the XDm and Glock, they are put through torture tests. Springfield did an article on the XD, but I assume it's done with the m series as well. I do not know of the M&P, but you can depend on both the XDm and Glock. I was set on a Glock, but once I felt it, I didn't like it. It seems you don't want a Glock, but I'll put in my 2 cents on them anyway. Here's the link to the XD torture test.
    Hope this helps.
  6. CA357

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    1911 style pistols do not have to be customized to work properly. That is a myth. Rock Island and Armscor 1911's can be had for around $400. A Springfield Armory G.I. model is available around $500 or so, certainly under $600. You may even find a Springfield Mil Spec for around $600. A Kimber will likely run you around $750. All will shoot just fine right out of the box.

    1911's have such a history and such a following that there are many manufacturers and many styles and options. Additionally, because they are so popular, many tend to get customized and/or upgraded. So the sky can be the limit as far as pricing, but for a dependable pistol, you don't need to spend a fortune.

    As far as the others, I used to have a Glock 19 and it was so dependable and accurate that it was almost boring to shoot. Although I haven't owned the M&P or an XD/XDM, I used to sell them.
    In my opinion, the M&P and the XD/XDM are what the Glock should have evolved to. I think you won't go wrong with either pistol.

    Fair and friendly warning for you friend, pistols are addictive. You will likely catch the bug. ;)
  7. Mapnapkin

    Mapnapkin New Member

    I was more than sure that 1911's work properly out of the box.
    It does seem stupid that they would sell a crappy gun for $600-$700 and it would still be as popular as it is.

    However, for the price of bullets I am almost 100% sure I'm getting the XDm .40. I seem to like the green with stainless.

    I did go to the gun shop and pulled a few triggers.
    The 1911 was very nice.. easy pull.. or squeeze.
    I also liked the trigger on the XDm how ever the grip was pretty rough.. with all the aerodynamics and wind scoops cut into it. I bet the gun can run really fast

    hey someone fixed the subject typo.. thanks
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  8. slammr

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    I have an XDM. Although I do enjoy shooting it, it is a little large for a carry gun. The Glock 17 is somewhat lighter (and 19 would be much lighter). I shot both recently on the same day. IMHO the two are very similar. I like the the added grip safety, but many don't care for it. Multiple backstraps are nice, but I settled on the one that came installed on the XDM anyway.

    The ease of taking the Springfield apart for cleaning was a selling factor for me. With the Glock you do have to pull the trigger to remove the slide; not an issue for most people. Other than that I think field strip is same. The extra rounds in the mag are a nice plus for the XDM, but again it is a weight factor for CCW. If you need more than 15 rounds for typical SD, well .......

    I think both guns are great. If you really don't like a Glock, I don't think you will really like the XDM, and vice-versa.

    P.S. 650 rounds fired thru the XDM with three different brands of ammo; zero failures either to fire, eject or feed.
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  9. russ

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    I was in a similar boat recently, looking for a concealed carry gun. I looked at the Glock 27, M&P 40c, XD40 subcompact, and Kahr 40. I chose the M&P, I didn't care for the feel of the Glock, and the M&P just seemed to have a better fit and finish than the XD. The Kahr was just too much money for me, at about $200 more than the M&P. I've put a few hundred rounds through the M&P now with zero issues, even on Blazer ammo, it shoots flawlessly.
  10. michigan0626

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    you can get a taurus pt1911 for around 600
  11. PGShooter

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    I have owned several Glocks, and enjoyed them all. However they do have one quirk you might wish to consider. They tend to throw empty cases straight back, and sometimes that is disconcerting. I haven't tried the XDM yet, but plan to when it comes out in .45. Good Luck!
  12. spittinfire

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    Personally, I don't think you can even compare a Glock to an XD or XDm. The XD is head and shoulders above the glock in fit, function and safety.
    That said, go to a range and try both, also try an XD, see which one works for you, which one fits best in your hand and you're able to shoot well.