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    Alright, here's the deal:

    I'm new to handguns (though i've read LOTS about them), though i own and am reasonably familiar with rifles already. So, i would be comfortable with either an autoloader or a revolver, either. I'm mostly undecided on which would be better.

    I am not so familiar with recoil of different handgun calibers really. The only handgun i've shot is a 25 ounce (unloaded) 4" 9mm autoloader which shot comfortably for me but with a bit of muzzle rise (possibly dismissable since it was my first time i assume?). Unfamiliarity with different calibers recoil is an issue -i obviously don't want something too powerful (recoil) for me, but not something that wont stop an aggressor either.

    I'm a smaller guy, 5'8 170lbs.

    The gun wont be used for concealed carry necessarily, as i don't have a permit. I may get one in the future though, so i don't want anything larger than a medium-frame sized gun.

    I have a pretty tight budget as i have little cash- i know a lot of you will tell me to save up extra cash and get a Glock or whatever- for the sake of this thread and my financial situation that simply isn't an option. Budget: $300-350max

    With the research i've done i've come up with a few models myself: bersa thunder 380, 9mm; rossi or taurus .38sp snubby, .357mag 4" (though if i can't handle 357 i hate to be stuck with a long barrel); s&w sigma 9mm, 40 s&w (though i've read some bad reviews about the sigma); Ruger P-series 9mm, 40 s&w.

    i'm open to reviews of the above mentioned models, or suggestions of other models as well. anything aiding caliber selection would be a great help (though i know it's likely something hard to recommend to someone you dont know)!

    any input would be helpful. thanks!
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    First handgun

    The FIRST handgun I would reccomend is a .22lr either in semiauto or revolver. As you hinted you are on a budget,and I'm assuming you don't reload,you can shoot a .22 all day for 10 bucks and it has next to NO recoil. It takes a LOT of shooting experience to get good at handgun shooting and the only you can afford to do this is with a .22. I'm NOT saying this is a defense weapon,altho a .22 bullet(or several) in right place will kill. For seroius weapon-wait till you have more experience and money and get something a lot bigger.

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    1st handgun

    IMHO no handgun collection is complete w/o a .38/.357. It would be a very good starting point for any handgun collection. A S&W 19, 65, 66 or comparable Taurus would fill the bill. Check with KYimports in Kentucky, they have a good selection of LE trade ins at very reasonable prices.
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    I would also recomand you start with a .22 rimfire. You will need to do alot of practiceing and .22 ammo is alot cheaper than anything else. With the money you save on ammo you will be able to step up to a larger cal. gun when you feel that you need a CCW.
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    All valid suggestions. Here's mine.......

    Shop for a handgun just like you shop for shoes. Try on as many as you can find. Some of them will feel ok, but a few will feel "just right". Follow up on those. Many manufacturers make several calibers in the same or similar frames. Don not get caught up in the "caliber wars", or "don't buy anything but.........." If the handgun doesn't feel "right" in your hands, you'll not shoot it enough to become proficient with it. If you're not proficient with it, it's not doing you much good. A hit with a .22 beats a miss with a .45. :rolleyes: