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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by BigJoe79, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. BigJoe79

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    I turned 21 about 9 months ago and was approved for my concealed carry permit at home (NY). Currently i have two of my Dad's guns on my permit, ruger .22 and a kimber 1911. I'd like to purchase my own handgun soon. I would like it to be one that i can carry easily also. I have a few in mind. let me know what you think.

    Kimber 1911 Stainless TLE/RL II™ .45 ACP

    Springfield XDM in stainless .40

    A Glock, not sure what model.

    I have shot glocks and kimber 1911's. I don't like the feel of the grips on the glock but fell in love with the XDM when i held it. I'm a big guy, 6'1" ft 285 lb. so my ideal carry location is 4 o'clock. If anyone has any other suggestions i would appreciate that too. Thanks
  2. singleshot

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    I advise you to look at the SA XDsc in 9mm or 40 cal.

    I have both the XD SC and the XDm in 9mm and I carry the SC 99% of the time in a Crossbreed super tuck holster. Both the XDM and the XD SC will fit the holster.
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  3. Gojubrian

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    Of those:

    1. Kimber
    2. XD or XDM
    then glock 27 or 30

    The XDm's are availiable with a 3.8" barrel now in 9mm's . 40's will be out after christmas. :)
  4. spittinfire

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    I personally carry a Kimber but I love XD's as well. The big difference for me was the thickness in the XD. I trusted my life with an XD and always will. I trust my life with me Kimber and carry it daily. If the XD felt good to you, check it out, your weapon needs to fit you. If the 1911 does, go with it. Find the gun that fits you the best. The one that feels so good in your hand you don't want to let go.
  5. Don Davis

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    Kimber - I love this gun in .45 acp


    I also have a Springfield XDm


    While I like both guns - they are entirely different in feel - aim - shooting.

    I suggest you borrow or rent each gun you're thinking of buying and shoot them 1st.

    Just my .02

  6. BigJoe79

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    thanks for the info, my dad actually has the Kimber ProCarry (4 inch barrel), i love the feel of the 1911. I don't know anyone who owns an XD M but would love to shoot one before i decide what to buy.