First handgun, finally!

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by therhino, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. therhino

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    I just bought my first handgun, a CZ-82. I had to turn to Gunbroker, as I couldn't source one of these locally. Now, the waiting game.

    I ended up with the CZ-82 after initially spotting one in the online used invetoryof a local gun shop, but it was gone before I could get down there. The research I did pushed me deeper and deeper into reading about this particular handgun, and the more I read, the more I liked it. Seems like all of CZ's weapons are built like brick houses and as durable as a tank. I'm more of a durability-over-flash person. It feels odd for a child of the 80s to be so enamored with a ComBloc weapon, though.

    Does anyone have any holster suggestions for this weapon, both for open-carry situations, and concealed? Does anyone have personal experience carrying this in a shoulder holster? CZ-USA has a shoulder holster listed in their online store, but the low-low price feels like a "you get what you pay for" situation, though with CZ's rep, maybe that's not true here.

    Looks like my wife was right a couple years ago when I bought my 10/22..."We're going to end up with an arsenal in the house, aren't we?" Oops.
  2. mountainman13

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    Congrats on your purchase. Post pics when you get it and remember its a collection until you're a criminal than its an arsenal. ;)

  3. hardluk1

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    Heres one site to get you started-
  4. HockaLouis

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    Congrats! Nice arm -- enjoy and be safe.
  5. marc29th

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    Congratulations, I'm planning on picking up one of these as well.
  6. therhino

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    I took possession of my CZ82 on Monday. Brought it out to the pit that evening. Man, such a smooth firing weapon. Trigger pull is nice, recoil is manageable, and the ergonomics are great. A little on the heavy side, but it actually feels lighter than the AMT Backup I had along with me for a test fire (it belongs to a family member).

    The wife can't get a proper grip on the CZ82, so she'll have to end up with something smaller. She actually like the AMT Backup, which I found to be AWFUL. Super heavy, hard edges, and a complete lack of safety features. She had two jams in 25 rounds. 0 jams in my CZ82.

    Now I just have to learn how to shoot accurately. I was pulling most of my shots low and left.

    Pictures soon, when I can find the time to take and load them.
  7. robertb6112

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    That's for me is the hardest part of the CZ's getting used to there fixed sights. It took awhile for me to get good with my CZ-52. But I do mostly shoot surplus ammo with it. I found it works good to practice holding the gun looking in a mirror. I noticed I like to slant the gun down.
  8. ineverFTF

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    We need them!

    Congrats btw.