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    Want to buy my first hand gun and need information concerning what type to get. I also want to buy one for my wife.
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    Welcome to the forum. When you get a minute you can introduce yourself HERE

    So many questions and so little time. Are you right or left handed? Is it for concealed or open carry, or is it for home defense? Will this be your first firearm experience? We'll be more than happy to help you out, but you're going to have to meet us half way. Tell us what you want to use it for and whether you might prefer a revolver or auto-loading pistol.

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    I'm assuming you are starting at ground zero and need the basics.

    Go here:
    Sign yourself & your wife up for a basic Pistol or NRA Home Firearm Safety class.
    Once you're familiar with the proper safety considerations and basic principles of use, you will be better positioned to know what you need.

    If you are not completely new to firearms and their use, please give us a general overview of your experience. The more we as a group know, the better equiped we, as a group, can be to give useful info.
    Also, are their any physical limitations to consider? (arthritis, reduced motor function.) Anything that would limit yours or your wife's ability to use a handgun.
    Where do you live? Certain states/jurisdictions have laws that restrict availability of certain firearms.
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    Pick up a couple of BB guns and get used to handling them first. Good quality guns are very much like the real thing and they give you the basics to aim, grip, control over the weapon. When you master that, find a range that rents guns, or a friend that has one. Start with .22's. Easy to shoot, ammo "fairly" cheap and there won't be much recoil to deal with. Learn your functions, aim, grip...etc. with guns that won't scare you or your wife. So many people start with a gun that is either hard to shoot or painful to shoot. You need to learn on something that makes you want to continue, not sorry you started. The best thing you can do is try several types first..then go from there.
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    1) Get a good 22lr pistol. I'd recommend Ruger MK3 or 22/45, Browning Buckmark, S&W MP22, or Ruger SR22. The Beretta Neos is also a decent option, but I gues its appearance just bugs me. There aren't many other sub-$500 22lr pistols I'd consider beyond those five.

    2) Handle and shoot as many candidates for future purchases as possible. That goes for your wife as well. I prefer Springfield's XDm/XDs lines, and they're really good guns; but that doesn't mean they'll be the right fit for you or your wife.

    Pistols (especially carry guns) are very much about personal needs and tastes. There are literally dozens of viable options from a myriad of quality manufacturers. Just depends on your skills, demands, and personal ergonomics.
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    There ya go. Get the Stainless Steel target version, with the 6-7/8"

    Shoot this. Then start moving on, depending on your wants and needs.

    I still have my SS Ruger MKII, and shoot it every time I go to the range.
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