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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ejewels, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. ejewels

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    So, I'm getting my permit soon and its right to the gun store I go. I've shot glock 19 (with 115 gr) and 23 (with 180gr). I like the power of the 23 but the 19 is more comfortable to shoot, and I was ultimately more accurate with. Which would be a better choice for a first (and possibly only) handgun? It might be used for CC and target shooting the like. I also want a gun that I could learn advanced concepts such as double taps and drills on. If you had one gun to own, would it be the 19 or 23? Thanks in advance...
  2. Dillinger

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    Regardless of manufacturer, I think the most important thing for a new gun owner is what are YOU comfortable with in your hand and when you are shooting it?

    None of us have to carry or shoot it, so what works for us, might be horrible for you.

    You said you like the 19? What did you like about it specifically?

    Because if it's 'stopping power' you are worried about, you can get better ammo than the 115gr that you shot originally.

    Shooting well, doing double taps or controlled pairs, is just a matter of a lot of practice. Lots and lots of practice.

    If you are comfortable with the gun, if you are not "afraid" of the recoil and are willing to practice, you can achieve very good results if you have enough time behind the trigger.

    My best recommendation would be to buy the weapon that fits your hand the best and that you are comfortable shooting.


  3. CA357

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    I had a Glock 19. In fact, it was my first semi-auto pistol. I liked it a lot, but I eventually sold it to a friend. It was a good pistol, but I had discovered the 1911.

    Between the 23 or the 19, my suggestion would be the 19. it's a nice size and it will shoot anything. Load it with some 147gr. hollow points and it will be an effective defense weapon.
  4. User Name

    User Name New Member

    I would vote 19. I own a 19 myself and love it. I target shoot with it because the 9mm is a cheap round, esecially compared to the .40. I also carry it for defense. For defense rounds I use 147gr. golden saber hollowpoints. I imagine that would do the trick just fine. Also if you were more accurate with the 19 then that would probably be the better way to go. Dosent matter how much power the round has if you cant hit anything with it. A 9mm is a good solid round that is cheap to shoot.
  5. canebrake

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    If you are looking for a hot PD round take a look at Buffalo Bore's #24A.

    It's my carry load for my BHP. Shoots like a 9mm but hits like a .45ACP!

    9mm Luger +P+
  6. ejewels

    ejewels New Member

    Thanks guys, is it really that much cheaper to shoot 9mm? Isn't only a few bucks less a box of 50? I was accurate with the .40 and the 19, but the 19 felt easier to control. I guess the question is to buy the 23 and learn on a harder to shoot weapon... will that ultimately make me a better all around shooter?
  7. NGIB

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    Not necessarily. I shoot best with .45 from a 1911 - but that's me. In general, I find .40 to be the toughest caliber to shoot well. The recoil is snappy and the muzzle rise is abrupt.

    A few bucks per 50 makes a huge difference if you plan on shooting often. I've burned 200 rounds in a single caliber many, many times during a range trip. If you're going to shoot 1 box every few months it probably won't matter to you...
  8. glock2740

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    Hard to go wrong starting off with the G19. I have the G23 also and it's a great gun too. But the 9mm is a softer shooting round until you're used to recoil and the ammo is cheaper, so you'll probably shoot more often.
  9. Shihan

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    You should try a S&W Sigma.:D
  10. carloglock19

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    Interesting I had the same dilema you did as far as choice of models goes! I looked at the 19 and 23 and ultimately chose the 19 back in February mainly because I wanted to get used to shooting something with a little less muzzle flip and thought about ammo cost as well and it paid off in my case. I shot a .40 cal last week and I was just as accurate as I normally am with my 9mm so I will be purchasing either a 23 or maybe a 30 this month. I have been carrying my 19 almost daily for the last two weeks with some Gold Dots JHPs for SD with confidence. If I had to pick possible only handgun I would go with the 19 I got over a 1000 rounds through mine with no problems plus the ammo cost difference in my area between 9mm and .40 is about $5 so the 19 is a little cheaper to shoot. Good luck!
  11. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member


    Quoted for truth. Get what fits you. The rest will work out with trigger time.
  12. utf59

    utf59 Member

    It would be whichever I shot better. In your case, that sounds like the 19.

    And as a bonus, the ammo is cheaper.
  13. OldHack

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    I'm getting a 23 as my only Glock because you can easily convert it to 9mm or .357 Sig if you want by dropping in a barrel, ejector and mag. It's like 3 calibers in 1. You can't go up so easily with a 19 and some don't recommend it.
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  14. Wilber

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    As it has been stated you need to get something that is a fit for you. The 9mm is a cheaper round to hit the range with alot and in many tests has been shown to be an effective self defense round. The g19 feels really comfortable in my hand and is a great CCW. That goes a long way into how much I go to the range and carry.
  15. Freedom-1911

    Freedom-1911 New Member

    For CCW I'd go G19, it is what I carry.
    For HD or just casual shooting at the range G17. But the 19 could be that for you as well.
    Either one is a great gun, and will fit the bill..
  16. ejewels

    ejewels New Member

    thanks for the great info

    I think the 23 option sounds like the best bang for your buck, however is it safe and a good idea to get conversion kits and barrels? How reliable and do they do harm to the original gun at all? If it literally is just buying a lonewolf barrel and magazines for 9mm, that is awesome. Why wouldn't everyone do this? (instead of just buy a g19).