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  1. deerhunter101

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    I have been bowhunting for a while but recently i have been given access to land i could gun hunt. I have narrowed it down to .270 or .308. This will mostly be for whitetail in the woods with shots no more than 200 yards but i plan to keep it for a LONG time so elk out west is a possibility later on. My friend said go with a heavier gun for less recoil do you agree? i am 5 foot 9 115 pounds so i want a gun that will be fun to shoot and not beat the snot out of me.

    let me know what models you think fit the job and what scopes i should look in to. i am trying to keep this around $400-600.

    thanks for helping me get started
  2. ninjatoth

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    If you want less recoil I would say a .270 is where you want to be,it's a great deer round and will take elk,the .308 might do a little better job on an elk,but a .270 will do it and will take deer easily with very little recoil.If I remember right,a .270 in a heavier gun has like 14 lbs of felt recoil,which ain't nothing considering a 12 gauge slug can be felt up to like 40 lbs of felt recoil.The Remington 700 is a nice gun in .270.

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    I compared ballistic reports between .270 and .308 before buying and the .270 is supposed to have more recoil. I may be mistaken though but I am sure the more knowledgeable folks here will shed light on this soon.

    I went with .308 mainly because of it being short action and the ammo availability, choices, and cost.

    Being able to share ammo with semi-auto .308 AR is just a big plus for me.

    I bought Weatherby Vanguard but heard Savage Edge and Marlin XS7 are good choices as well. For the scope, look at Nikon.
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  4. deerhunter101

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    so far so good. just a way of comparison, do you know the felt recoil of a 12 gauge 3 inch magnum turkey shell because that was nothing and i shot that fine. leaning towards T/C venture with nikon prostaff 3-9 x 40 scope. is 3.6 enough eye relief? just gotta figure out the right caliber...
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    I own both the 270 winny,and 308 winny,my go to gun is a Rem 700 SPS,in 308 win.good shot placement ,and deer dont go far,neither do hogs. As for recoil comparison,I only shoot 150gr bullets from my 270,and 165gr ,form my 308. Not much difference in recoil,both are quite plesent to shoot. Either caliber should suffice. JMHO
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    My first deer rifle...

    Was a Win 94 30-30 cal, but if I had the choice back in 1979... I would get
    one of the cheap Mosin-Nagants that hit the market recently for about a
    hundred bucks! The 7.62x54r round is nearly identical in performance as the
    .308 Winchester and non-corrosive ammo is not hard to find! The Mosin is
    heavier than a win carry, but the recoil is about the same due to it's
    larger "butt"! In 1979 a win 94 sold for about $140...(those days are long
  7. jpattersonnh

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    Felt recoil truly depends on the rifle. I have never been a big fan of .270, but have quite a few friends that swear by it. From the 2 calibers you are interested in, I would go w/ the .308.
  8. Zee

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    get a 30-06 or 308 drop 30 bucks on limbsavers new recoil pad(best 30 bucks i ever spent) never go smaller 270 will limit you with load choices but the 308 and 06 have a load for everything a 308 or 30-06 with a 180 grain psp or power point will take down anything you want. they are about the most common and cheapest to shoot a 100 -200 dollar 3x9x40 scope will do you fine.
  9. Jeehs

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    I personally have only used a .270win of the 2 calibers designated.

    I currently use a Remington Model 770 in .270Win and shoot a 130 Gr SPS Core-lokt bullet.
    Im 5' 10'' about 145lbs, In terms of recoil I would compare the kick of my .270 to that of a 3'' 00 Buckshot shell. But with the recoil pad standard on most Remington rifles, it is not felt rather the rifle just jumps a bit. The only bad thing is that the scope loves to meet your eye if you dont hold it right.

    Ive also tested a Federal 150 Gr RN SP, recoil was no different than that of the 130Gr.

    As far as price, According to my Parents, the Rifle with a Bushnell 3-9x40mm scope mounted and boresighted cost roughly $300-$400

    Note: I would also suggest looking into the 30-06, I think a 30-06 might do a bit more of what you want. It's recoil is only slightly harder than that of a .270 since the bullets are nearly Identical. Good Luck and Have fun.