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    There is a newer store, range that has opened up near me. So grabbed the new investments and some ammo and went to investigate. Store was low in supplies, however the range was awesome. 7 lanes, .17 up to .50bmg.

    Got to shoot the p238 and the 1911. About 50 rounds through each.

    First, the 238. The lack of recoil was what first shocked us. We had anticipated it being more. It was new and the wife isn't used to it yet but shell get there. I did okay. Least they were all in the black. 1 malfunction while wife was shooting but I didn't see what happened exactly. Wasu fine afterwards.

    Onto the 1911... Bang bang. First target was 2 mags at 20 yards. Second target, 10 yards at left. 20 yards on right.. She barks good. No malfunctions, recoil was very manageable. I really liked it.

    Wife caught a pic of the recoil.

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