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  1. loctite44144

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    So how many of you guys took a date to the range for your first date and how did it work out
  2. locutus

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    I did! A really hot little red haired detective that loved shooting almost as much as she loved sex!:D

    And on top of that, she could cook!:p

    Lasted about 3 months, then she made sergeant. No longer had time for mere mortal patrolmen.:eek:

  3. limbkiller

    limbkiller New Member

    Never took one to the range but have taken them fishing, hunting and camping. It's what I do A LOT. If they didn't want to go or showed any signs of not liking that I didn't go out with them. I have never cared what a woman said about my outdoor hobbies. Never asked if I could do anything. I just did what I wanted to do as long as the bills were paid and I had the money. They don't like it they know where the door is. It goes both ways though. Don't care what a woman does as long as she's being good.
  4. MOshooter

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    I knew I had a keeper when she went quail hunting with me 27 years ago :D
  5. Rentacop

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    I don't know if it was their first date but I met a guy and girl at a private club range one day . I'm sure the girl was not a member and the guy brought her there against the rules. It was her first time shooting . She had tattoos, tight jeans , a frilly top and looked at me with druggie eyes, saying, " I'm real good at shooting guns " . She was a blonde and on a scale of one-to-ten I'd say she was a ten...
    I've always envied that guy...
  6. dango

    dango Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Been sooooo long , I don,t remember..! Should I BRANG condiments..? :confused: What , Whaaaaat..? :confused: :D

    Hmmm..? Do we go Dutch..? I'm Polish , austere lieghben..HELP..?

    Do I buy her pink bullets , should I shoot first and ask questions latter..?....?


    Should I let her get two second base on a first date..?:eek: Eeeek , that makes three.! Eeeeek..! Wow , better slow down , wow , I needs a book or maybe , just maybeeee a tutor , ok then , who want to teach child like Dango the birds -n-bees..? I don't get it , the birds -n-bees thing al-eight.?

    Bee stings bird , in return , pissed off bird eats bee....(sigh) auh..! Love , ain't grandeos ..? Eeeeeek..! :confused:
  7. F4U

    F4U Well-Known Member Supporter

    Didn't go to a range, but on my first date with my ex-wife we got back to her apartment. Her room-mate was watching a movie about the guy who was shooting from a tower at some college in Texas in the 60s. There is a scene where a cop is jumping all over a store owner for selling the guy ammo.

    The cop is listing what all he sold the guy and I blurt out "hell I got 2 or 3 times that much in my closet right now"

    The room-mates jaw hit the floor and she tried to stammer out the usual "what do you need all that for" when my now ex says "so do my dad and brother"

    Just one of the reasons I thought she was a keeper.
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