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    I am looking at these cmmg ar15s in the .22lr. Are they a good gun or should I keep looking
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    The dedicated are accurate as any 22lr. The ones that use standard ar uppers and a conversion kit... not so much.

    Ive had a cmmg kit for a while now and this applies to the dedicated guns too. My main issue is the magazines are a pain in the butt to load. There is issues with them of vaporized lead blown back into the action and all over the parts and mags. Definately not a gun for letting children shoot or pregnant women shoot.

    I dont use my cmmg anymore as i was having a hard time with cleaning that crap off my hands after a long range session. It wasnt until i saw just how much lead gets vaporized on my suppressor baffles with a 22lr i didnt realize the same thing was happening with that stuff coming back into the receiver.

    I dont know if the current dedicated cmmg 22lr rifles have a plugged gas port or not to prevent gas/debris blowback. The older ones from a couple years ago where just ar15 uppers with a different chamber and still had ar15 gastubes and barrels

    I think the cmmg are a pass solely on the terribly poor designed magazines.

    If you want a 22lr ar look and feel get a sw mp15-22 or a colt/umarex 15-22. I think the sw is the better gun as colt doesnt produce their 22 its just labeled colt. Both these have easy load magazines.

    Ive still got my cmmg kit its part of my survival gear. Only got to takeone rifle to have center fire and a small cailber conversion kit and mag for small game
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    As Jon said theconversion kits make your gun very dirty . No big deal if you clean the receiver and relube when your done. Accuracy out of the .22lr kit is decent out to 60 yards I havent shot it any farther than that it will easily group 3" or better out of a 1:7 barrel . If your looking at just owning a .22lr the S&W mp 15-22 is perfect if you want a to have both a .223 and 22lr the kit is the way to go .
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    I go along with what Jon said, I'd go with a dedicated .22lr upper on a real AR lower or the M&P15-22 or Colt M4 .22lr. The conversion units that fit in the .223 barrel can cause fouling/leading and accuracy problems. I got the Colt .22lr and have been pleased. Works great with cheap ammo like Federal and Winchester value packs and looks and feels like a real M4. The M&P lower internals are very much like an AR lower while the Colt has the look&feel down pat though some things are just cosmetic. If you shop around you can get the basic M4 Colt for $410 and the S&W for a little less. Either is a great choice.
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    Thanks for the advice bud as I am new to the rifle world.
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    The one on the right is my 14 year old son's S&W 15-22. It is a fun gun to shoot and very reliable, 25 round mags are readily availible. I have even seen 50 round drums for it,. but I haven't bought any yet. Most of your AR-15 accesories like grips, sites, ect. will fit right on it. Since this picture was taken, I have removed the front grip. My son decided that it was more accurate if he just gripped the quadrail directly.
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    thanks for talking me out of the sale. I don't want to dirty up my DD upper/barrel and gas system. I'll go ahead and buy a dedicated SW or Colt. Haha and then I can have another gun to admire!