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Sniper03 said:

You are aware that by going to a 14.5" Barrel it becomes a Short Barrel Rifle according to ATF rule and requires registration and a $200 Federal Tax Stamp. Once an SBR always an SBR. The exception is for example if you would have the 14.5" Barrel with a Vortex Flash Hider permanently affixed to the barrel. (Pinned & Brazed).
My suggestion unless you have the proper tools like a torque wrench, barrel nut tool, receiver block, head space gauges and etc. I would just buy a complete upper with the bolt carrier group already in it. This will also assure everything is correct.

Well said! That's exactly what I ended up doing. Originally, I planned on building the upper because I thought it would be cheaper but found out if you don't have all the tools for the job then it will actually end up costing more after factoring in the cost of the tools + parts (at least it did in my case). Luckily I was able to find a complete upper with all the parts I had on my list except for the bcm bcg. but a noveske bcg should do just fine. I'm happy I bought the upper complete because you don't wanna do a poor job at assembling the upper and mess up the headspacing, accuracy, etc. just build the lower its a lot easier unless you really know what ur doing and already have all the tools. Good luck!
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