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    I'm looking to build my first AR 15 and I'm still not 100% sure if everything I've chosen will work together and would love if anyone could give me their opinion if I've chosen parts that work together well and if they are good quality. I would love feedback on anything you guys think I should change.

    Also how long should I choose the hand guards for this current build. As you guys I'm sure can tell I'm really new to this and hope to make something fun I can go out with that works well too. Also I have no idea what a good sight/scope would be so I would really like some help there as well.
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    You have a start of a nice build. Here's a couple things you need and to change.

    Change the DSA Buffer to find a Mil-Spec Extension Tube to a 7075. If a buffer extension tube doesn't say 7075 for it's alloy description, then it's only 6061 alloy and not a true mil-spec inside and outside w/proper machined threading. Nothing wrong with it, but you're going this far with a nice build---do it right the 1st time and you won't be sorry.

    14.5 barrel. You WILL NEED a 2" flash hider/compensator or suppression mount system. It WILL NEED to be pinned and welded to be "minimum" 16 inches for legality. UNLESS, you apply for a "stamp" to have weapon used as SBR(short barrel rifle) OR Suppressor usage. Apply and receive stamp before build to be legal if going for SBR, and another stamp if also going with Suppressor. $200 for each stamp.

    This is also if you decide you're going as a rifle build and not a pistol build, in which case, I believe the barrel/flash hider can't be over 12" total to be considered a pistol.

    Also AP Barrel, while it does specify 4150 CMV, it doesn't say if it's chrome-lined, but most are at this hardness---might want to call AP to ask. Never mind as I see barrel is QPQ treated.

    You need a Carbine Handguard(round style and not triangle type).

    You'll also need FSB(front sight base), FSB Barrel Pins, Front Handguard Mount Plate, Front Sight Elevation Tower and Spring, and a Stainless Carbine Gas Tube and Gas Tube Pin, if it doesn't have one. For FSB, you'll need to (completed upper assembly--except for FSB) take to gun smith to have barrel drilled for FSB pins for proper alignment. Pins are tapered and require special drill bit.

    Need a Rear Flip Up Sight or Carry Handle Sight System that is QD(quick detach).

    Another way to get around the FSB is to go with a 9"(stock length) to 13" Free Float Handguard Kit of your choice and you'll need a "low profile" Gas Block. I prefer a steel gas block over aluminum in it's strength and also being the barrel is steel, they both expand/contract the same. You go this way, the FF Handguard will include it's own Barrel Nut, so you won't need to install the Delta Ring Assembly or front handguard attachment ring.

    Get you some Aeroshell 33 grease for the barrel nut assembly---no matter what way you go. Or use some synthetic wheel bearing grease. Very little grease is used for barrel nut. Learn to install and torque the barrel nut correctly according to which handguard system you go with.

    Get a vise, torque wrench, AR15 punch set and brass hammer, masking or electrical tape(you'll understand after you build just one), AR15 multi-task wrench(es), upper/lower receiver build blocks. Watch youtube videos to build and learn, learn, learn.

    I think I gotcha all you needed, with a couple changes for the better. Magpul is good stuff, but they don't have FF handguards. You'll need to go elsewhere like Yankee Hill, JoeBob Outfitter, PSA, Brownells, MidWayUSA, Amazon, lots of others. Just watch for Chinese stuff as some is ok, while much is crap.
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    You're going to need a gas block and gas tube, as well as a charging handle. I recommend JP for the block and tube, and BCM for the charging handle. Also, I recommend you get the entire buttstock as an assembly, to include buttstock, tube, buffer,spring, and mounting hardware. Also, unless you're building an SBR, I suggest you get a16 inch barrel, just to avoid the hoops you have to jump through to make It legal. If you get a low profile gas block, you should be able to get whatever length handguard you want. As far as sights go, if you're going with iron, make sure they are same plane with your rails.
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    I think I'll go for a longer barrel for now put in for a short barrel rifle tax stamp and when it gets approved in 6+ months I'll change to the shorter barrel. I don't know anything about welding and don't know any welders so I want to try to avoid that if I can.
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    You have made a good choice with Aero Precision as they make exceptional quality parts, make sure you order the gen 2 lower receiver as it has a nylon tipped screw to take any slop out of the upper and lower. The Aero barrels that i have used are beautifully machined and accurate, the QPQ treatment will protect for a lifetime. Good luck with your project but becomes addicting. When you get to the point where you can assemble one in about a half hour you know the AR bug bit you.