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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bcpascale, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Hey everyone. I am in the middle of my first Build. I have the lower done and just bought the parts for my upper; all but the gastube, barrel nut assembly, and all the parts that are forward of the upper receiver. I am looking for recomendations for the barrel and fre-float handguard. I am partial to mid-length and would want one of the hand guards that allows me to place the small picatinnys any where. My main goal is to stay light on this firearm. I also am unsure on the gas block and type for this hanguard. Would love a block that has an integral flip up sight.
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    I like YHM hand guards. Midwest Industries make some ff handguards that attach to standard barrel nuts once the delta ring is removed.

    I would order a barrel with a mil spec front sight, then cut it down so a rifle length hand guard would slide over the pinned FSP.

    This barrel would be ideal:

    PSA 16" 5.56mm, 1:7, CHF CL, Mid-Length Barrel - Light Profile

    All the above is strictly my amateur opinion. YMMV

    PSA = Palmetto State Armory
    YHM = Yankee Hill Machine

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    Some of the Quad Rails which I am sure you were referring to when you said free float tube like the Yankee Hill models and others, The Barrel but is part of the Quad Rail so you do not need a standard barrel nut, weld spring or snap ring. As far as the flip up front sight gas block contact Hilltop Guns Inc. in Colona Illinois. He will probably have them in stock and they will be from Rock River Arms. Also due to the volume of business most companies and dealers are doing and phones tied up all day. If you wish to do that you can PM me and I will give you there E-mail address which at the present is the quickest way to contact them. Or leave a message on the business phone.