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    "Hello, my name is Jeremiah, and I've never built my own gun."

    Now that it's out in the open, let me tell you how tough it is to decide what to build. A custom 1911? Well, I have a buddy who has built many and could help me to make one heck of a shooter. A 1000 yd bench .308 out of my 700 VLS? Too easy. Besides, once I adjust the trigger I'll have a 500 yd tack driver. A dbl action ICORE competition gun out of my 4" GP100? VERY challenging I would say. It would be awesome and I probably will still do it one day.

    So, I've got a bushmaster .223. Love it! I'm going to armorer school soon for the Army so I'll have plenty of time to practice working on other AR's. I'm already pretty familiar with the AR platform. Hmm, .308 AR it is!

    Now for the specifics. I'm thinking I want to do it all myself. If I have to buy new/specific tools then I will. If it takes me 6 months, thats fine. As far as what I'm wanting the gun for, I would say mid range hunting and target shooting. Hold on a sec, does anyone really need to explain why they want a gun?!? Heck no! I want it because I do and its my god given 2nd amendment right to "Bare Arms." So stop asking! :D Here is what I'm thinking so far.

    Stripped lower - install custom trigger
    Quality stock
    18 to 20 inch barrell
    Long floating hand guards
    Flat top upper for red dot - ACOG or similar
    Quality bolt
    What ever other small parts I may need

    It looks like I will have somewhere around a grand in it minus the sights. Doesn't seem to be many .308 lowers to choose from. Lots of places have them listed as being on back order or out of stock.

    Hopefully I can start buying parts in October.:)
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    Welcome aboard, Jeremiah.

    You've come to the right place, lots of experience, knowledge and advice to be had on here. Some of it is even times :p Just kidding.

    So I see you've already got most of it figured out. And yes, quite a few places are just getting back up to snuff with their re-stocking, but be patient...the worst seems to be over...for now.

    I'll see if I can get you hooked up with a few links that might help you out with your build.

    How about a CMMG lower for your .308?

    AIM Surplus CMMG .308 lower

    Or maybe Armalite?

    Rainier ARMS - AR10 Lower

    Lanworld for some .308 lower parts kits...

    lanworld .308 parts

    Might be a stretch...but one of the best barrels out there...

    Krieger AR10 barrel

    Stocks, rails, etc. by Samson

    Samson stocks, rails, etc.

    Magpul Industries, for some of the best furniture in the biz...

    Magpul AR10 Stock

    Daniel Defense rails...


    Keep in mind that most of the sites I've listed also provide you with alot more of what you'll be needing to complete your stick.

    That should get get you started. Keep us informed on how it's coming along, pics if you can. And welcome aboard again.


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    Thanks for the quick reply. Oddly enough I was watching Joe Dirt when I started this thread!