First AR-15 build question

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by DruidKing, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. DruidKing

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    Hey guys,
    Really quick question... I just bought a completely stripped down AR15 lower receiver made by DPMS. I need to buy a lower parts kit. Does the parts kit have to be from the same manufacturer? Or can I use a rock river, Colt, S&W (or whatever brand)? Is one parts kit better than an other?
  2. Rick1967

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    There are a bunch of diferent kits. But they are for the most part interchangeable. There are single stage triggers and two stage triggers. They go from very basic to more than I would be willing to spend. I think most people end up somewhere in the middle.

  3. sputnik1988

    sputnik1988 Active Member

    I used a DPMS stripped lower for my build, I used Palmetto state armory and Daniel Defense parts, works very well.

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  4. JohnJak

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    All of the kits produced are mil-spec and will work well for you. Some companies purchase their products from the big names and put their own name on it.
  5. lbwar15

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    I would not use a DPMS parts kit right now. Last I heard there were a lot of people using them and having the bolt catch brake.
  6. ClemsonSCJ

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    An AR-15?! You must be planning to commit some mass murder or something? What do you need with that?!

    Haha just kidding. I like playing the Feinstein's advocate sometimes just to see what it feels like to be a complete idiot.

    But on a more serious not...right now, the best lower parts kits are the "in-stock" ones. I went everything PSA, but I wouldn't say they are any better than anyone else. I just live very close to them so it was convenient. But I've actually switched out all the internals of my gun to a full auto. I figure maybe one day they'll lift the '86 auto-weapons ban. That or we wind up having to overthrow the gov't...then all I gotta so is drill the hole, mill the shelf and drop that bad boy in there.