First Aid Recommendations?

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    What are some of the things you would recommend going into an emergency kit or a first aid kit to go along with you on a hunting trip?


    First Aid Items when Outdoors or hunting

    Hello all


    When I'm in the woods, outdoors, and hunting or just there, I carry a small, but capable fanny pack full of items I see as necessary to my life if I get hurt!

    1. Black Fanny Pack, Nylon and lite weight, has water bottle on that as well:

    2. Thrama Bandages, Large,medium and small good for Puncture injuries and such

    3. Blood Clotting pack, for serious gunshot or other serious tear injuries

    4. Various Gauze, Bandages and Pads and Rolls

    5. Saline solution in a small bottle to clean cuts and wounds

    6. Ointmets for Burn, Cuts and Aloe based creams

    7. Wire splint for Breaks and Fractures

    8. Pain meds, Prescription and over the counter

    9. Plastic sheeting for Lung Injuries and Deep cuts and burns

    10. Surgical and paper Tape for closing injuries

    11. SERI strips and Sutures for closure of cuts and injuries

    12. Super Glue for same as 11

    Thats about it, it's small, durable and keeps me safe from most outside injuries and I know it works

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    'Space blanket', band-aids (lots and both the good fabric ones and the plastic one), water purification supplies (a filter, bleach, whatever), a spare compass, a spare knife, a couple disposable razor blades (or better yet a few disposable scalpel blades), a small hand-full of 18 or 20 gauge hypodermic needles (just the needles, not the whole syringe)-pick these up at a farm supply place (these are absolutely the best things for picking-out slivers and little thorns, they are streile and very sharp, not just pointy-sharp; but if you have a really close look at the tip, you'll see that there are also very tiny 'knife edges' which actually make the point), two tubes of topical anesthetic, make one tube something like 'Lanacane' in a big tube, which is moderately effective for stuff like itches and sunburn, and one tube of something like 'Emla' which is very effective and expensive and can actually be used to numb a small area for minor surgery. a tube of some sort of anti-bacterial, like 'Polysporin', a tube of petroleum jelly, some extra sunblock, extra mosquito repellent, an 'esmache' bandage, a couple triangular bandages, a couple rolls of gauze, and a couple of pressure bandages.
    Oh, and toss in some tape suitable for direct use on skin, something like 'Transpore', 'Medipore' or 'Dermafix', some black electrician's tape and some duct tape, plus some safety pins.

    Plus pack a few of the really large plastic garbage bags, the orange ones that are used for leaves and other yard waste. These make bivvy bags, raingear, or a body bag, if you are really feeling poorly.
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    :confused: where can I get a good blood clotter
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    I use this for as a beginning for most of my 1st Aid needs.

    Depending on METT-T (Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops & Time Available), I will add other things to it.

    Primarily though, you should get some good training. The American Red Cross does a decent, and cheap/free, wilderness 1st Aid class.
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    :D Many may laugh at this one but. Tampons they absorb gallons of blood and come in a sterile pack. They are also cheaper than gauze pads.
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    Tampons? Maybe; but maxi-pads are probably more along the lines that you are thinking; plus both have the potential to make you a hero if one of the ladies in your party needs some.

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    The Israeli Bandage is one of the finest pieces of emergency gear to come out in is now being issued to our troops. It has now replaced the US battle dressing and tampon in many LEO/Correction/SWAT units.

    It has a multiplicity of uses, it is simple and very effective. It comes with a built in compression cam so you can apply the bandage to yourself with one hand and apply as much or little compression as needed. The tail of the bandage is long enough to go above the wound to create a tourney if absolutely needed.

    We're so impressed with them and found they are difficult to purchase so we because a distributor. Now we we have EMTs, LEOs and others purchasing them for their own personal kit. I carry two everywhere I for me and one for someone else.

    There in my car, day pack, hunting pack, home, long term pack. Hunters purchase these for their hunting rig
    and packs.

    Of all the ER MD's, EMT's Combat Medics I work with most agree this bandage is a far better solution than the latest trend toward quick clot type products. Their reasoning is most medical emergencies are minutes away from a hospital or clinic and that means the RNs/MDs at the hospital/clinic have to clean all the quick clot out of the wound before they can do any repair...this adds time and pain to the victim when a good compression bandage can control. Yea I know Quick Clot works, however it's downsides heavily outweigh any benifits. Quick clot heats up when it absorbs moisture up to 140C.

    Again, the I Bandage can be used for mulitiple tasks and applications whereas Quick Clot basically has one function...if I'm carrying gear in my car or kit I want the ability for it to do more than one thing.
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    another good quick stitch for the bushes is crazy glue. The military used it in the field. And I have used it on several occasions myself as it holds open wounds together and creates a seal from bacteria.
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    first aid kits

    ms. sandwwoman, a military type first aid kit may be usefull. i have bought one for myself from a retailer called "cheaper than dirt". the one i bought i seem to remember was labeled an ifak. individual first aid kit. it may be a duplicate of an army kit. mine looks like military issue jeff:)