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  1. HenryACR

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    Hey gentlemen, I would really appreciate some feedback on this, because since I live in Commiefornia there aren't a lot of unbiased gun nuts out there that I can talk to! I'm in the market for my first .45 ACP handgun. To narrow it down (considerably, actually), I looked at recent military testing for a new standard military sidearm. the project was eventually canceled due to money issues, but it produced some incredible guns! Below are the pistols that were submitted for possible replacement, and they are the only pistols that I would consider buying. WHICH ONE?

    SIG P220 Combat
    Ruger P345
    Smith & Wesson M&P
    Glock 21SF
    Beretta Px4 Storm
    Taurus PT 24/7 OSS
    Fabrique Nationale FNP45-USG
    Para-Ordnance LDA 1911
  2. orangello

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    I'm extremely fond of my Springfield XD45 with the 5" barrel (tacticool model), but it isn't on your list, probably due to the lack of a thumb safety option in the first batch/years (IIRC military requires thumb safety).

    From your list, I would probably go for the Beretta or the FNP45.

    It's sad your state doesn't respect the U.S. Constitution or parts thereof; we have property available here in MS should you choose to find freedom. :)

  3. spittinfire

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    From your list, I would lean towards the Para. I have to ask this, if you can afford an HK, why not a 1911 without the LDA? Nothing wrong with it but do you not like the SA 1911s?
  4. HenryACR

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    the reason is because i only want to buy a modern, military grade handgun. if the us military didnt look at your suggestion and instead leaned towards another, there's probably some small reason for it. if your 1911 suggestion can outperform everything else on the list, I'm game. and by the way, price is irrelevant.
  5. Missileman

    Missileman New Member

    If money is no object, I would pick the HK45 hands down.
  6. Pita

    Pita New Member

    I have three 1911's but have never shot a para ordinace. I would rate mine in the order of impportance to me as:
    1. Colt Gold Cup
    2. Kimber Pro CDP II
    3. Dan Wesson C Bob

    All are equally good shooters but I prefer the 5" barrel. I did have the Eliason sights drilled for paint dots which helped immensly. I shoot indoors and night sights are also wonderful.
  7. General_lee

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    The 1911 WAS THE standard American military sidearm for several decades.
    I wouldn't be so quick to judge the tried and true just because it's not "Modern".
    Just because the design is old, doesn't mean it's outdated.
    the 1911A1 is still considered by many to be the best .45acp pistol ever designed.

    If the 1911 isn't your thing, I would definitely go with another type of steel frame gun.
    Sure, the plastic guns are "tough", but you just can't beat steel.
  8. utf59

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    I was looking seriously at the HK 45 for myself a while back. The deal breaker for me was that it had such a low capacity for a full-size gun. But since you live in California, the capacity would be fine for you.

    I personally would not buy a Taurus — I've just heard too many complaints.

    Full-size Ruger autos fell like bricks in my hands, though I love their .22s and revolvers.

    I love my Glocks, so the G21 would be on my list.

    I don't like the high bore axis on Sigs — that's strictly a personal preference. It looks like the Storm might have the same issue, though I've never handled, much less shot one.

    I like the M&Ps I have shot, though I've never shot any in .45.

    I've never even handled any of the other three, though I do know in general how a 1911 feels, and I like it. I've never fired an LDA 1911, though.

    I have fired XD45s, and they are sweet.

    Happy shopping, and happy shooting!
  9. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Not gonna argue.

  10. HenryACR

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    As much as I appreciate the feedback (I truly do), I don't plan on moving to Mississippi any time soon because you guys didn't decide to ratify the 13th Amendment until 1995. A little too conservative for my taste, if you get my meaning.
  11. Texgunner

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    Of those you listed, I've only fired the HK and the SIG in .45. They're both great guns but the SIG sits better in my hand. I currently own a P220R and a P220c.
  12. Brian1955

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    I've fired maybe twenty five rounds from a pistol and didn't do being a .44 Colt Anaconda..fahh! :)
    Last Memorial Day up at "da farm" my cuz brought out my recently passed Uncle's Colt 1911. It's an older, the one with a vague sight. ~shooting third of three twas a bit nervous in that way as the previous did poorly. Thinks about 40' I gandered a bit and popped first center target horizontally and still would have been a chest shot but low. Glancing over at the others.."I got this" raised 'er up a bit and put seven up where should be with two in the bullseye. Yes!!
    The gun felt good in my hand and it simply shot where I was aiming~woot! ~It got me excited to pursue the hobby, and why I'm here today. (After randomly landing here after a search)
    Youtube has some positive vids of the Colt. Of which some peeps did get into their takes of various pistols you may find interesting Henry.
  13. LikeABoss

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    Love my glock 21, not sure about the sf, why didn't SA XDm make list? Have this in a .40 and would have loved it just as much in a 45, might even give my glock 21 a run.
  14. shadetree

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    went back and read the original post,IF you are looking for a 45 as a hunting sidearm i like my hipoint 45 ,very accurate and effective at the distances needed.and not expensive .BUT if you want a tactical..... COLT 1911.... look at what they built for the marines just an opinion

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  15. Doc3402

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    The gummint hates to admit their mistakes. You should take that into consideration when wondering about the absence of 1911 style handguns.

    Of the guns on your list I would probably go with the FNP or Glock. Taurus and Para would not be considered due to hit or miss quality control.
  16. OldEagleEars

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    I have only one .45 ACP and it's a 1911A1 by Rock Island. My other fairly big-bore is a Glock G22C in .40S&W (not a round to sneeze at either). I appreciate the Glock's (and other polymer-pistols) amazing durability and reliability but their passive safety systems make me uneasy. If you have a round chambered and the trigger gets touched for any reason (twig, child, jackass buddy screwing around), you have an AD, no way around it. A 1911 in "condition-one" needs two physical acts to set it off. Because I have learned to bow reverently at the shrine of Murphy and His Law, I like having something more than good intentions between me and a messy accident. There is an issue of magazine capacity with most traditional 1911's but there are a lot of fine manufacturers of double-stack pistols out there and truly if "price is irrelevant" as you state, one of those folks would be happy to answer any questions. The 1911 thrives a century after it's creation because it works so beautifully for so many people; not because all of us who own them are nostalgia freaks!
  17. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    I would say check out Springfield's XDm line. It was my very first handgun and I loved it.
  18. BeyondTheBox

    BeyondTheBox New Member

    1911 hands down. There are a ton of great options there, but nothing beats a century of proven reliability and in a uniform flatform which opens up the ability for personalization.
  19. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    Many of you aren't playing by his rules. Y'all are giving him answers that weren't on his list., too!

    Springfield Armory XDm 4.5 45acp

    If I had to go by your list, I would probably seriously consider the Smith and Wesson M&P...but that's because I am price conscious and I just can't pony up the dough for half of the guns on that list.