First .30cal Rifle

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    I've been lusting after a .308 rifle for some time now. I'm not an avid hunter or competitive shooter at this point, but I wanted a platform that could be both a close/medium quarters semi-auto tactical rifle as well as a longer range shooting/learning platform. Basically, just a really versatile and fun precision big-boy gun in the common 308win caliber.

    I'd have like an M1A and will probably one day have one. Anyway, this is what I just sent a deposit to Bud's for:

    DPMS LRT308b

    18" Bbl
    1x10 twist
    19+1 capacity mags

    I'll be adding some mags of lesser capacity, a Harris bipod, tactical rifle bag, and of course a scope. I'm taking a bit of a stab on a bargain scope that I've been hearing good things about, Nitrex TR One 6-20X50mm. This scope will be about $165 delivered after mail-in rebate, and is said to be essentially a Weaver Grand Slam. If I don't like the way it works with this rifle, I'll use it for something else. It may prove a little too bulky for what I'm after here. I figured for that price I could find a purpose for it one way or another. I'm also keeping an eye on the Pentax Pioneer line.

    Some of this stuff is already en-route and it should all be coming together in mid-April.

    So rifle shooters, have I made reasonable enough choices for this project?
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    congrats!! give us a range report when ya get it. ive thought about taking that plunge myself along the RRA lines but i havent justified it enough heh.