Fireproof safe needed?

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by yo_doug, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. yo_doug

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    What is your opinion on getting a fire-proof safe.

    I mean a safe that has a really high time limit of being in a house fire.

    Is it really needed to store firearms?
  2. ScotZ

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    Only if your house burns down:D I dont even know if my safe is fire rated. Its one of those Winchester safe's from SAM's. If I remember correctly the fire rating is what really jumps the price up. My guns are insured and can be replaced. I got the safe to keep the bad people out.

  3. lionslayer

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    There are two principal considerations in deciding how much fire protection you need. First, are you storing collectors' items that couldn't be replaced at any price (and probably not insured except at premiums that would make any vault look cheap in comparison)? If so, you probably want the highest rated vault you can buy. The other consideration is the temperature rating and duration of the protection you need. If you live in a single family block house in a city where fire department response time is under three minutes, you probably don't need as much protection as if you live in a multi-story wood frame multi-tenant building in a rural area. If you live in the sticks, where your house might be fully engulfed before anybody noticed and called the volunteer FD who show up to watch your house burn down because they need the experience you probably ought to have the maximum fire resistance.
  4. Praetorian

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    dont fall asleep while smoking, reduces the chances of house fires by like...99%, and when the little dope smoking arson freaks come around, shoot them, and drag them into your house and open your fire proof safe and then call the cops and say you caught them trying to break into your fire proof safe with flammable substances, you stopped two crimes at once. Hey, i would buy it, and then i would the little POS, lol. sssh...dont tell the chief.