Fired Ammo Smells Good

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    Hello from New Jersey, just joined great web sight.
    I was cleaning up my basement and cleaned out some cabinets that I had put about 30 boxes of Remington Express and Winchester Super Speed Mark 5 12 gauge shotgun shells in about 38 years ago.
    I put them in the cabinets and any time I went target shooting or hunting I would just take the new ammo that I bought.
    These shotgun shells were all bought in the middle 1960s.
    Now that I retired I was getting rid of stuff in the basement that I did not use anymore.
    I knew the shells were there and never bothered to use them.
    I opened each box and checked each shell, the boxes and shot shells are in mint condition.
    I decided to take a box each to the range.
    I fired them out of my over & under, side x side and pump shotguns.
    Would not take a chance in my semi autos.
    All went bang and they smelled great as the were ejected.
    Todays Remington Express and Winchester Super X 12 gauge high brass shells do not smell the same after fired, maybe they use a different powder now.
    Ah the good old days came back when I fire those old shells.
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    Just be careful with partaking the fragrant aroma of spent ammo :)
    If something smells sweet, or you get a sweet twang in your throat, it's very likely lead dust.

    Beyond that, yeah, the smell of burned powder... oooooooohhhhhh..... it does things to me that normally only a woman can do...