Firearms training for women

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    My fiancé is getting into shooting and I'm in a tough spot. I received all my training from the military. She never served and frankly, has different muscles and needs different training. I can give her fundamentals with her stance, principals of shooting and technical information. The thing I struggle with is weapon manipulation.

    I want her to have a good base and move slow to build her confidence. Any tipsy for the women? Any sources such as YouTube channels, classes, books, etc or personal advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Being a military and law enforcement firearms instuctor of over 30+ years I will tell you that as long as you teach her safety and the basics fundamentals as far as stance, proper grip, breath control and weapon function. You will find that women are some of the best students. This because they have no bad habits, egos and listen to what they are told as far as instruction. The most of them become very good shooters due to this. The only area they lack is upper body strength so do not push the lessons out over a prolonged period of time. Getting tired and becoming frustrated as a result will be a discouragement to her. Keep taking her to the range, be patient and I think you will be amazed as to her improvement. If you do get an instructor be sure it is an instructor that is more focused on her improvement and learning fundimentals than impressing himself or her with his skill, how wonderful he or she is and knowledge! "EGO!"
    I will leave you with a note concerning assisting her with her training. Safety is Number One! Basic shooting fundimentals is number two and repitition is number three! Followed by Slow is Fast and Fast is Smooth!
    Above all both of you enjoy her new found interest! Share the excitement with her and have a great time! Walk slow and do not burn her out or discourage her by letting her get tired at shooting sessions~:)

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    Many ranges offer classes. Some of these classes are specifically geared towards woman. I would suggest one of these classes. Then take her shooting as often as she wants to go. :)
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    Good tips 03, I try my best to not make her feel uncomfortable, she is a great listener so the safety thus far has been very good. She is still learning to clear malfunctions so she just keeps it down range until I show her what to do. I'm going to write some of these tips down for our next trip!

    Winds, I had forgot about giving her actual classes at the range, something to look into. She loves to go shooting with me whenever I go, just not as many rounds as me yet.

    You both just made me realize I'm creating another ammo burning monster to feed haha
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    Start with the basics.
    Grab the owner's manual that came with your latest purchase you made with her. Go over the complete book and practice (include dry fire if not a rim fire).

    Pay extra attention to the safety section (too many people don't).