Firearms sales online?

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    How does one go about selling a rifle here at the forum? A member here has expressed interest in a Mauser that I own and I am considering selling it. My concerns are whether or not it is feasable to sell a firearm here and to have it shipped out of state to the buyer? Financial transaction and the legality of such concern me. I do not possess an FFL. Don't have a criminal record either. Pic of rifle enclosed.

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    The site has a classified section. You may need to find an ffl on both ends of the transaction to make the sale.

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    It would be easier for you to sell it within your state. Non-FFLs can sell firearms to other non-FFLs with no issues. I would check you state laws though and see if there are any paperwork requirements like a bill of sale or background check needed for your state. Most states allow you to sell it without a background check but personally I would want to ensure the firearm is going to someone that is legally allowed to own one.
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    Im not sure, But I think you can send the rifle as long as you send it to a FFL. You will have to check with the shipping company about their policys, they may have you disassemble the rifle..

    Like I said im not sure about it, Ive looked into it with my Winchester, but havent really wanted to go though the hassle...
    The longer I have it the more im temped though..
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    Firearms sales online

    Trez is correct. Per the ATF, the Gew98 is classified as a Curio & Relic firearm, so it's C&R FFL eligible. You don't have to have an FFL to sell or ship one, but the person you sell/ship to must have a valid FFL. They must provide the seller with a valid/ink signed FFL copy. It's pretty straight forward. UPS is the most utilized carrier for firearms, Fed Ex doesn't like dealing with any firearms or ammo.
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    You can sell your rifle. If you already have a buyer, he needs to furnish you with a FFL to ship it TO. If you do not yet have a buyer, go to the Classified section. You do not need a FFL to ship it FROM.

    The buyer may have an 03 C&R FFL- and he can send you a signed copy (can be sent electronically) OR he can send you the name, address, and FFL license number of an 01 Dealer or 02 Pawnshop. You do not need their license in hand. You can verify that this is a legit dealer by going to the ATF website and using their E-Z-Check online system (you cannot check 03 C&R FFLs with that system), Ship TO their licensed address, not directly to buyer.

    Be sure that his receiving FFL knows that you are NOT a FFL holder, and will receive a rifle from you (perfectly legal, some dealers won't) DO put a copy of your driver's license in with rifle- receiving dealer needs info to log it in to his book.

    You can ship a rifle by US Mail, by UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground. Handguns may only be shipped by UPS or FedEx Next day Air if you are not a Dealer or Manufacturer. Send it Adult Signature Required.

    Above applies to transferring ownership of a post 1898 firearm across a state line (inherited firearms are different)
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    You've been told correctly. Many people go through FFLs like myself to make it easier and that's still an option. If you opt to ship USPS, there's a declaration form that the post offices have, Form 1508 to be precise, that should be filled out. Keep in mind that something the size of the Mauser likely will have to be boxed in such a way that it may be called an oversized package by the USPS. There are surcharges for this. Then, there's signature confirmation, insurance, the things that jack up the shipping cost. Nothing is insured through the USPS unless you pay for it. UPS may be another option that you can legally use as a non licensee. You would have to take it to the Beaver Avenue UPS hub in Manchester to ship it as you are not allowed to ship firearms UPS through one of their stores. This was told to me by the ATF specifically at one of our local dealer meetings a while back.

    If you need any other help on selling this nice looking piece of history, let me know.
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    Umm- WJN, the Form 1508 at the post office is only for handguns, and only for Dealers/Manufacturers.

    You are absolutely correct about the UPS Hubs- it is not that the ATF cares (officially) it's that the storefronts are not owned by UPS, they are a franchise- and it is against their policies.

    It some cases it IS much simpler to hand a firearm over to a dealer to ship for you.

    If you pack it yourself, pad it well. I usually put about 6 inches of wadded paper at both ends of the box, tightly packed. UPS tends to throw long skinny boxes so they hit on end- have received more than a couple with barrel poking out of box when shipper did not.