Firearms online from Walmart?

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    I walked into Walmart yesterday to buy a brick of .22lr ammo and saw a Henry .22lr. I asked the guy if he could order it in a .22 mag. The only one he could find in his book was a Golden Boy. I don't want the Golden Boy because this would a "work gun", varmint, rabbit, etc. He told me to go online to see if Walmart had the plain version of the Henry .22 mag. I can't find where they sell guns online! Do they, if so, how do I find it? Thanks, Bernie
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    They do not sell them online but this is a special order catalog they have online. If you go into their stores though, they should have a much larger catalog. I ordered a gun through them before, they use one of the larger distributors but I forget which one. They also don't sell every gun the distributor offers even if it's legal. If the gun looks to dangerous, they don't sell it, that's pretty much the rule of thumb when dealing with WalMart.
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