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I would like to take this opportunity to intoduce you to both of our companies located in Ottumwa, Iowa. AccuCast, Inc. and U. S. Tactical Arms, Corp.

AccuCast, Inc. started with the intent to manufacture "Hard Cast" Lead Bullets for handgun hunters. We also operated a small gun shop selling primarily D.P.M.S. and DSArms rifles and STi and SIG handguns. Due to the extremely unstable lead prices we put the bullet manufacturing on hold for now and continue to sell firearms and accessories on our website

As we encountered difficulty in acquiring AR-15 rifles from D.P.M.S. we decided to build our own product line of AR-15 rifles and started U. S. Tactical Arms, Corp. which can be found at We are also Class II manufacturers and build M-16 Rifles, short barreled Rifles and short barreled shotguns.

We have been in the firearms business since 1972 but just formed the above Corporations in 2002. I hope to have the biography section of our websites completed soon and am looking forward to a complete make over of our U.S. Tactical website.

Dr. Ronald L. Lacey, President
Thomas R. Lacey, Vice President
Dr. Lisa Lacey, Secretary/Treasurer
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