Firearms in England and Wales

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    For those of you who have read the book "Guns and Violence:The English
    Experience" by Joyce Lee Malcolm,Firearms Control by Colin Greenwood or ALL THE WAY DOWN THE SLIPPERY SLOPE: GUN PROHIBITION IN ENGLAND AND SOME LESSONS FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES IN AMERICA by David Kopel This is the article by David Kopel.

    If any of the members are willing to write a fresh and new look into
    gun control in england and wales and publish it as a book,I have compiled
    a list of the relavent files from the National Archives in England.

    My view is the article by David Kopel balances the history of gun
    control in England (The police liberally enforced the firearms
    legislation in the early years 1920-1967. Even through they
    tightened the law during these years,it was still overall
    liberally enforced.) After the Shephards Bush massacre,the
    police started to enforce it severely in 1967.

    The book by Joyce Lee Malcolm is a book on firearms
    and the police (the book is true,however I feel the
    author puts the police in a negitive light.)

    1.HO 287/238 Report of the Working Group on Crime Prevention Methods (HMSO 1956) 1955-1959
    2.T 221/941 Home Office and Scottish Home Department: research in field of crime prevention and treatment of offenders 1950-1960
    3.HO 287/239 Crime prevention campaign: exhibitions and displays 1951-1961
    4.MEPO 2/10089 Crime prevention activities in the Metropolitan Police District: reports, memoranda and papers 1960 - 1968
    5.MEPO 2/10128 Crime prevention: policing system during Christmas period 1961 - 1967
    6.EXT 1/13310 items extracted from INF 13/265. Flyers for crime prevention.
    7.RG 23/435 Enquiry into people's awareness and attitudes towards crime prevention, for the Crime Prevention Society 1969 Oct
    8.MEPO 2/8319 Crime prevention notices to householders (Form 133) and business premises (Form 135A) 1939-1961

    9.HO 45/23249 POLICE: Publicity for crime prevention: preparation of a film and staging of an exhibition. 1948-1949
    10.MEPO 2/8052 Crime prevention campaign 1947-1952
    11.MEPO 2/9880 Pickpockets: production of crime prevention posters for display at large gatherings 1959-1966
    12.MEPO 2/6861 Crime prevention: eliciting the co-operation of shop-keepers through trade journals and circulars 1945-1949
    13.MEPO 2/5001 Co-operation of garage owners in crime prevention and intelligent observation of cars: Motor Agents Association Scheme 1930-1939
    14.MEPO 2/10132 Working Party on CID Work: sub-committee to consider improvement of format of crime report to aid crime prevention and detection 1962 - 1975

    15.MEPO 3/2029 Crime prevention: notes of conferences at New Scotland Yard 1945-1952

    16.INF 13/265 Crime prevention: 3 Pamphlets 1961-1976

    17.INF 2/124 Home Office: civil defence and crime prevention 1961-1973

    18.INF 2/122 Home Office: civil defence and crime prevention 1956-1973

    19.HO 287/1001 Crime prevention: co-operation with insurance companies; meeting with the British Insurance Association 1964-1969

    20.J 82/232 Parker, D.A. Crime: Possessing offensive weapon
    21.J 82/787 Name: Benson, E Crime: Being in possession of an offensive weapon in public
    22.J 82/1392 Name: Rankin, R F. Crime: Possessing an offensive weapon
    23.J 82/1458 Name: Xapolytos, A S. Crime: Having an offensive weapon in a public place
    24.J 269/13 Clarke, Neville: charged with possessing an offensive weapon
    25.CRIM 1/2382 Defendant: BARNES, Edward Charge: Forgery and carrying an offensive weapon
    26.Defendant: CORBIN, John Michael Charge: Possessing offensive weapon
    27.ASSI 26/506 Carrying offensive weapon: Clark, James Michael
    28.CRIM 1/3010 Defendant: DIMOND, Ronald and others Charge: Possessing offensive weapons

    29.CRIM 1/4940 CHRISTOPHER, Andrew Having offensive weapon and corruption

    30.HO 45/25113 FIREARMS: Local Defence Volunteers: issue of firearms to Home Guard; difficulties under the Firearms Act 1937
    31.Firearm certificate granted to Ian Dundas,chief of staff,British Union of Fascists MEPO 3/2515

    32.MEPO 2/2030 Issue of firearms certificates to certain members of the Royal Family

    33.MEPO 2/1162 Firearms: issue of gun licences to persons under age

    34.MEPO 2/1667 Lost property: Loaded firearms found in public carriages

    35.RECO 1/342 Report by the Committee on the Control of Firearms to the Minister of Reconstruction.

    36.MEPO 2/4430 Applications to register as firearms dealers: Overseas and General Trading Company Limited formerly A.C. Harris and Company Limited
    37.CO 54/940/2 Overseas and General Trading Company: request to use Ceylon Arms for proposed Ceylon Bureau
    38.HO 45/10348/145619 FIRE-ARMS: Law on firearms and ammunition
    39.MEPO 2/4348 Revocation of licence for not ensuring safe custody of firearm when leaving United Kingdom
    40.PREM 4/37/14B 'Mass Observation' organisation

    41.HO 45/23031 FIREARMS: Firearms Act, 1937: slaughtering instruments.
    42.HO 45/17385 FIREARMS: Prohibited weapons: circulars, reports, etc.

    43.HO 45/17386 FIREARMS: Prohibited weapons: circulars, reports, etc.

    44.MEPO 2/7675 Meetings by National Unemployed Workers' Movement outside Labour Exchanges and Unemployment Assistance Board

    45.HO 144/18186 Disturbances: National Unemployed Workers' Union: march to London in protest against means test

    46.HO 144/6898 DISTURBANCES: Convictions arising out of the General Strike in Birmingham.

    47.HO 144/6896 DISTURBANCES: General Strike, 1926: conduct of certain Justices of the Peace.
    48.HO 144/6903 DISTURBANCES: General Strike, 1926: police baton charge at Poplar.
    49.HO 144/22377 DISTURBANCES: General Strike, 1926: Leniency of sentences passed by Ipswich Bench: complaint by Chief Constable; question of appointing temporary Stipendiary.
    50.HO 45/25860 POLICE: Report of the Royal Commission on Police Powers and Procedures (Cmd 3297, 1929)

    51.HO 45/18449 FIREARMS: Custody of firearms belonging to certificate holders who are absent from home.

    52.MEPO 2/4366 Special firearms certificates issued to collectors and the imposing of certain conditions

    53.MEPO 2/5172 Firearms Form No 29: stressing conditons under which certificate is held

    54.HO 144/22353 FIREARMS: Smooth bore guns and ammunition: legality of sale to and use by persons not in possession of a firearms certificates.

    (I need you to copy this one again,because the file you copied was on a person being deported to Ireland.)

    55.HO 45/19676 FIREARMS: Firearms Acts, 1920 and 1937: possession of firearms as trophies of war.

    56.HO 45/14618 FIREARMS: Administration of the Firearms Act, 1920
    57.Administration of the Firearms Act,1920 1928-1932 HO 45/14619
    58.Police policy in granting firearm certicates 1938-1948 HO 45/21888
    59.HO 45/10635/202756 FIREARMS: Pistols Bill, 1911.
    60.HO 45/10961/341762 FIREARMS: Firearms Bill, 1919.
    61.MEPO 2/1429 Firearms Bill: amending Pistols Act 1903

    62.HO 288/12 Flick-knives: Restriction of Offensive Weapons Bill and Act 1959 1959

    63.HO 288/13 Flick-knives: Restriction of Offensive Weapons (Amendment) Bill 1961; Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act 1961 1960-1961
    64. HO 288/3 Sub-machine guns: possession by private individuals; issue of certificates

    65.HO 2/4355 The use of so called "toy" or safety pistol and ammunition as offensive weapons

    66.HO 287/684 Crime prevention, security of bank notes in transit: Report on the Security of Bank Notes in transit as it Affects The General Post Office, Members of the Committee of London Clearing Bankers, The British Railways Board, and the Police Forces of England and Wales 1964.

    67.HO 287/685 Crime prevention, security of bank notes in transit: liaison with British Transport Police; proposed use of odometers and arming of the police

    68.MEPO 2/8173 Organisation of night watchmen for the protection of private premises

    69.MEPO 2/9042 Urban district of Merton and Morden: requests for more police protection

    Every book that is written brings new information to light,
    it is time for another book to be written.

    Tell me if you are willing to tackle this project.

    I have a researcher in England who researches these files and
    I was going to spend £1000 on these files and then give the
    files to anyone who has the time to write a book on this topic.

    I have files that are not listed that you might be interested in
    on a USB stick at home.

    I also have newspaper articles on the subject as well.

    If a person decides to go ahead and write a book,
    the person should include almost everything in
    his book from the files,so that the person that
    reads the book gets the most out of it
    plus the files bring new things to light
    and also put the files in a historical context.

    The books mentioned should be the base
    on which the author of the new book
    bases it on.
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    Book on this subject

    Are people on this site willing to write a book on this subject?

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    Once in a while we get someone in the forum who does write and this will give them something to go by if they want to write about this subject