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    I always keep my firearms unloaded and secured when they aren't in use, but it nags me every time whether to leave the action open or closed? Closing it keeps out dust particles for the most part, but might not be the safest way, you can't immediately check if the gun is unloaded. Opening the action lets in the dust and might be damaged during transport, and have other problems of that nature.

    the question is, should the action be open or closed when stored?

    PS. Whenever I am handed a firearm, I always open or check the action and keep it in a safe direction
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    Keeping the bolt closed and a rag of some sort over the muzzle ( I use an old sock:D) will be the best at keeping the most dust out of it, that is if you are not keeping them in a gun safe. You can buy "saftey flags" at places like Brownells or Midway that will go in the chamber with the bolt closed, or close to closed, and are a high visiblity color. Then you can see if the firearm is loaded by a quick glance.


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    A little dust never killed a firearm.

    All of my rifles are stored in a safe with no bolts in them what so ever. Right I know what if you need one fast. Well I don't for one and 2 I have too many guns (I can't believe I just said that). If i store my rifles with the bolts in I can't close the door on the safe.

    If you want thing to keep the dust out then get the gun socks and place them in them then into the safe.
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    I keep my 2 handguns in their cases inside this great biometric safe I bought a few months ago on Ebay, I think the listing is still up though. It was only $109.99, so it was a pretty good buy for what I got. I would definitely suggest buying one soon, they work great!

    The listing is 'Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe keyless new NIB'
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    If its in the safe, and I consider it to be a defensive gun, its loaded.
    All handguns, AR's, shotty. Some of the hunting rifles are loaded, some aren't. I feel comfortable storing this way, as I'm the only person who has the combo to said safes.
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    All pistols here are locked in my wife's pistol safe; long arms are locked in my son's safe. Ammo is stored in another gun safe in my barn, which is also locked.