Firearm purchase math...doesn't add up (vs. budget)

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Poink88, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Poink88

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    I know how it works but at purchase time it seems I always forget. LOL

    So I found a nice gun on sale for $299.99 and say, sure I can squeeze that from this months budget. After shipping and FFL, total to me is $354.20. Of course I need extra mags so I ordered 3 for a total of $76.00.

    Since this is a new caliber...I have to stock up some premium (300 rounds) and practice ammo (850 rounds so far).

    So all told, my $299.99 sale gun cost me $768.00 so far :eek: Hope the wife doesn't notice...all I told her is it is a $299.99 gun (the truth) :D

    Good that I already have all cleaning supplies...otherwise it will be a lot more.

    I also learned that it is indeed easier to beg for forgiveness than to get permission. :D She did tell/expect me to buy lots of practice ammo shortly after and she can't wait to try the new pistol. :)
  2. NGIB

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    This highlights the primary reason I like to trade guns (or buy used). Normally a swap will include goodies like extra mags, holsters, and in many cases ammo as well...

  3. CA357

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    Where I am in CA, sales tax is 8.75% and the DROS fee is $25. That sure jacks up the price of a new firearm. It certainly makes a private sale very attractive.

    The least expensive private party transfer & DROS fee I have found is $60. which isn't exactly cheap. But if the firearm is bought at the right price, it's a much better alternative.
  4. c3shooter

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    Yeah, I know what you mean. I wanted another 8mm, stopped by my local pusher - uh DEALER, yeah, that's the word- this afternoon. Nice M48, very nice wood, good metal, 3 lbs of cosomoline at no extra charge- and bayonet and scabbard. $199. Asked the dealer- since this is a cash sale, and transfer from your FFL to mine, can you do anything on the price? He knocked $25 off on the spot. Together with the background check fee I do not have to pay, this one purchase covered the cost of my 03 curio & Relic FFL. Already have a good supply of 8mm ammo, but now I need to get a sling for this one. :p

    Pictures AFTER I get this one degreased- too much cosmo to lay on the rug for a picture!

    PS- for those that are still thinking about getting their 03, from deciding on the rifle to walking out the door with it was under 5 minutes. :D Paperwork consists of signing a copy of my FFL, and signing the sales receipt.