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    Does anyone have any fire evacuation and survival tips for the people in California?
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    Cut dried vegitation back from your house as far as possible. Replace shingle roofs with metal roofs.

    As a former San Diego resident, I sympathize with the folks who are dealing with these fires. I've fought wild fires in San Diego, and it is a very difficult job. Sometimes, because of the Santa Ana Winds, there is simply nothing that can be done. They are in a long drought and watering the weeds is not possible because of the water shortage.

    A long term partial solution, would be to get the legislature to pass some new laws, that would take power away from the Sierra Club and other environmental groups. When the state fire authorities want to conduct a control burn of the dense undergrowth in order to kill off fuel for wild fires, the enviro-nazis file law suits to block them. The environmentalists can't, or don't want to understand that one wild fire such as this one, will do more damage than several smaller, controlled fires.

    For anyone who has never been there, Southern California is a tinder box, just waiting to explode. There has been no significant rain in years, and uncontrolled land development keeps pushing homes into the boonies. I'm surprised there aren't more fires of this magnatude.

    I read today that one or more of the fires may be arson. I hope they are able to identify the arsonist and fry his ***.

    I wondered out loud last night if this could be something started by al Queida. My wife told me not to give them any ideas.
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    I wondered the same thing, and then there were rumors of a motorcyclist driving around and tossing Molotov cocktail-type starters.

    Then the looting started and people got their guns out.

    That was it on the arson rumor, and no developments yet, or at least announced.
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    If reports like this, this, and this are to be believed, arson was a contributing factor to the fires if not the actual cause. Several people have been arrested caught lighting fires.

    The immigration status of at least some of these fine, upstanding people is in question. (Read: they're illegal aliens)

    Then, we have illegals stealing relief supplies from Qualcomm Statium. They're just doing the looting Americans won't do.

    It bears mentioning that the FBI reported an al qaeda detainee spoke of a plot to set a series of devastating fires in the western US.