Fiocchi JHP "Pistol Shooting Dynamics"

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    So, I was at a gunstore the other day and saw some 9mm 115gr Fiocchi JHP's for something like $16/50 rounds. They make an XTP HP and I assumed that was what I grabbed without opening the box... thinking I was getting a good deal on some XTP's. I was wrong.

    Apparently they make a JHP load that is not using an XTP also. I should have looked closer because the box says if they are XTP's or not.

    That said, does anyone know what this bullet is? I don't recognize it.


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    There are two levels of JHP from Fiocchi. A standard line and a premium line, which uses the XTP. You got the standard stuff.

    I believe they are the older HPs, and they can run a little on the hot side. That being said, they should feed for ya just fine. That 9mm Fiocchi Extrema XTP is some excellent ammo, with great velocity, and still a little cheaper.

    Good stuff Maynard! :cool:

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    I use the 124 gr. XTP load in my 9mm pistols a box of 50 costs about the same amount as 25 rounds of the 124 grain Hornady XTP ammo. Also, it is about 50-80 fps faster than the hornady load on my Chrony.

    BTW, I also use their 44 Mag 240 XTP load and their .357 158 grain XTP load. I figure it is like buying a 50 round box of Hornady ammo (which they don't sell) at a reduced price. For example, two boxes of the hornady for the 44 is only 40 rounds and cost more than the 50 rounds of the Fiocchi ammo.
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    I tried some of the Fiocchi 155gr XTP loads in the .40S&W and was way less than impressed with them. At 7 yards, my groups were about 6" or so. In contrast, using 180gr Blazer Brass loads, my groups were about 1/2 that at the same distance. It could be that my gun doesn't like the lighter weight bullets as much as the heavier ones. It is still fairly new and I am still trying to find the magical weight bullets for it. So far, it seems to group the heavier bullets better than the lighter ones.

    I haven't given up on them yet though. I have had decent luck with Fiocchi in other calibers.
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    Total problems with Fiocchi (spelling)

    I purchased 500 rounds of Fiocchhi .22 LR. The price looked great, and I have 3 .22s. Fiocchhi would not shoot in my S&W, Remington or Ruger. I've been able to shoot Federal, BVAC, Hornet, and all types of CCI, but Fiocchhi jams every time. Final solution, I give them away to good people at the range. I own several larger handguns and will not buy Fiocchhi because of the bad experience. :(