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Finished conversion

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I started with the DPMS panther RFA-2 carbine. The gun had a 11.5 in barrel with a 5 in FS attached to a carry handle upper all stock . I mounted a Magpul grip and a 4 rail handguard from Blackhawk. . I changed the upper reciever to a aero precision flattop upper with forward assist, brass deflector , and dust cover. I changed barrels from a 1 to 9 rate of twist to a Wilson 1 to 7 twist 16 in m-4 barrel. I put a BSA scope on top and put a UTG low profile gas block and a 40 rd promag to finish it up . I'm taking he upper Reciever and barrel I have left and putting it on a FMK composite lower ,just need a BCG to finish that one . I m looking forward to shooting some heavy stuff with the 1 to 7 and finding a load that she likes .If Anybody feels sorry for me and wants to donate a BcG I would gladly take it because the misses says NO MORE ! Well I run my house , she's not the boss of me ! Ohhh got to go before she gets home and finish the dishes .:)

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