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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by Woodsman, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, Ive got a new 686 stainless. Ive seen pictures of these guns on forums after they have been polished, and they look great. Now heres the thing, my gun is new - never fired, i do like the looks of the polished guns BUT, Ive heard some that have tried it say they have messed there guns finish up, and only want to get the factory finish back on them. Now dont get me wrong, i do like the finish on my gun but the pictures ive seen on some forums after they have been polished, could make a blind man see. So heres the thing. Ive heard some say use scotch brite, others mag wheel cleaner, and some chrome polish. Now seeing how i already like the finish on my gun, but i would like to polish it to a luster beauty shine, should i attempt this or not ? The last thing i would want, is to make a perfectly beautifull gun into a mess, if its easy to do i would attempt it, but if its risky theres no way. I appreciate your thoughts, and i thank all of you for your insight.
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    Be careful as an untrained person can screw up the job quite easily. If you use a buffing wheel you can round off corners that are intended to be square. It is possible to reduce the depth and clarity of the barrel markings to the point you really screw up the value of the gun.

    For a metal polish I like Flitz. Makes a nice finish and leves a protective film to keep it nice. You might just try Flitz and a cloth to make it shine with out risking undue wear.

    Personally, I do not care for highly polished Stainless steel. My S&W M-65 got stripped and bead blasted to a no shine gray. It is a utility gun that I do not want to shine at all.

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    Thanks guys, from what ive been reading on here and other sites, i guess it can be a tricky thing. I think for now i leave as is, i dont want to chance it. But thank you very much for your feed back.
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    Use Flitz regurarly and it will brighten up. Flitz will also easily remove powder stains from the cylinder and top strap.