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A perspective used over the years that is relevant ad accurate is that Fees and Licenses are "Poll Taxes"so to speak.
However I think it more accurate to describe them as Fines!
The $200.00 NFA Taxis indeed a Poll Tax designed initially make ownership of machie guns and other NFA items too expensive, in 1934 when average wages were alot less than a $10000 per month.They even said that was the reason for the tax...and it did not stop the Gangsters from buying Tommy Guns.
A Poll Tax! A Fine, a punishment for ownership!
In California thy are talking abut Legislation for huge annual fees for each firearm and and requiring Insurance on them. These are Fines designed to punsish Gun Owners, ad to keep Citizens from buying and owning firearms which also make it a Poll Tax!
Poll Taxes were designed by the Carpetbaggers to keep former Slaves, Sharecroppers, and other Poor who did not own land from voting agaisnst them! The same reasoning for all Jim Crow Laws!No firearms for the Poor to keep the South from rising up again..and from shooting the Carpetbaggers..
Same with all Permits and Licenses and Fees across the Country. They are Fines for the common people, if they want to exercise their2A Rights, to discourage them from doignso, making it a financial burden and to put them on records accessible by all Law Enforcement and Politicians. When you have to pay a fine, a poll tax a punishment, a financial hurdle to exercise your Rights, they are no longer Rights but permissions you must purchase from The Rulers!
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