Finding the Tikka T3 action noticeably smoother than the Remington 700 - do you also?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by SubZero, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. SubZero

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    I've been using my Tikka T3 Lite and from the very first day, the action for the bolt and the seating of the bullets goes so smoothly that's it sort of spoils you. The magazine is single width centered, so when you drop a single round in the rifle, it's already lined up and the bolt slides and locks in smooth as butter. Even without a round anywhere near the rifle, the bolt action is incredibly smooth.

    Wanting some diversity, I got the well established Remington 700, and though it feels very solid, the action is nowhere near as smooth when I use it. I've worked with half a dozen in different calibers in the store and a few on the range from others with the rifle and they pretty much seem to have the same experience. The bolt takes more effort to use, is picky about angle and not as smooth to slide forward and lock. Couple that with the internal magazine on my model and the fact that when you drop a round in the chamber, you pretty much need to "click" it into the right-side of the magazine in order to get a smooth slide forward, and it just feels kind of awkward.

    The Remington 700 .270 shoots very accurately and has a very solid, rugged sort of feel to it, so I'm not unhappy with the performance of the rifle itself, just the bolt / loading action when compared to the Tikka.

    Was wondering if anyone else felt the same way.

  2. kalboy26

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    Absolutetly do. I have been thinking about adding diversity too when I get my next rifle, but I I keep on finding myself looking at the tikka again.