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    Hey guys,
    I've been looking for a red dot or scope to mount to my Romanian WASR-10. I have the scope mount already attached with the rail on top. I was looking at a BSA red dot with the flashlight and laser on the sides. I have heard good and bad on BSA, but not from knowledgable enthusiasts. So... what are your thoughts as to what I should mount on my rifle? Thanks in advance :)
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    I am not a big fan of the BSA either. From my experience they may be OK for blasting a target at close range. But if you are expecting accuracy and tight groups better than a simple tactical shot they have a lot of parallax. Then it would depend on what price range you are looking at to improve the BSA above. If you were going to keep your rifle for a long time and save up some money. I would go for some of the best optics. EOTech Model 512, Pro Point and some of the others. I love the 512 It is fast, accurate at distance and a quality unit. Keep in mind how long it will last and the quality when you think about any cost. I know we all want to pinch pennies. But I have learned one thing in my shooting (HABIT!) carrier. Anything worth having is worth saving for! Anytime I ever bought something less than what I really wanted it cost me twice as much in the long run because it did not function as I wanted and did not please me. So I usually ended up trading, selling and taking a loss on it to buy what I should have saved for in the beginning. I know I am much older than you so here is some fatherly advice!;)



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    +1 on 03's fatherly advice Wick, from another old SOB...well, sort of. :eek:
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    BSA red dots are great on a 22lr. That being said, if you dont want to spend the $ on an Aimpoint or similar, look at the Vortex StrikeFire. If your life depends on it, get the Aimpoint.