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    Today I finally got to shoot my brand new never been fired Springfield 1911 MC Loaded Operator! It is everything I read, hoped and dreamed it would be. I put 300 rounds of 230 grain through it and not 1 issue. This weapon is perfect the way that it is ( Thanks Cane for the slow my role, to make changes before I even shot it) the only thing I might change in the future is get softer grips but the grips that come with it are not bad at all just a little rough also some more mags ;-) The 1911 is my favorite handgun to shoot hands down! I can't wait to get to know her better and shoot the crap out of it. I will keep this gun for as long as I can still shoot it. That is all...
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    That's sounds great I to am new to 1911s I have a sa 1911a1 mil spec and a Kimber Pro TLE and love them both. I have shot both of them a couple hundred rounds with not one problem. I see a few more 1911s in my future.