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    Got my CWP today! It took the full 60 days, but I'm glad it's here. But I have 2 questions. 1. They put my apartment address on my card instead of my permanent address at my mom's. Does that matter? When I move out of my apt. can I just go in and have them change it? 2. on the back of my permit it lists where i cannot carry my gun, but I'm a little confued about the wording. it says "portion of the establishment liscnesed to dispense alcoholic liquor and malt beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to that purpose." I know I can't drink and carry, and I wont, but can I carry into a resturant that serves alcohol, like Chilis? I think it means I can carry at resturants, but I cant sit at the bar. Any help?
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    thats what it means you cant sit at the bar.

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    In Texas, it means that if 51% of the "establishments" income is from alcohol (not just the bar area)... you can not conceal carry there. But it also must be posted in accordance to the ordinance.