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    I went to my local gander mountain today to check out the Win. Wildcat and Model 60 to see how they fit on my tall 6' 2" frame. The Win. Wildcat was way too tiny, the stock made me feel I was hunching down to fit to the rifle, which isn't proper for shooting. Unfortunately they didn't have a Model 60 in stock for me to fit, but while I was there I noticed something else. A Savage Mark II in .22 LR, Bolt, for $199.99 was the next rifle in my hands and shouldered. The version I looked at was a walnut stocked Mark II and man, it felt great. Seemed to be the perfect size for my build, arms and height. I've decided today after much debate on the new .22 I will be purchasing, The Savage Mark II!!!!!!!!! If the price stays at $200 then I'll do it as soon as my tax refund check comes in!

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    Good choice. Hope you enjoy it once you get to purchasing it.


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    Although I have not personally shot a Wildcat, word on the street, from a lot of folks, is they stink. Marlin 60 is a 'staple gun'. Many folks own shoot and love them, and there is a reason. They are great guns.

    The Mark II Savages have one of the finest factory triggers (accu-trigger) I've ever seen on a hunter class rimfire gun. For that reason they are a great buy for $200. Don't expect competition level targets, but my MK II shoots unreal for a factory low dollar rifle.