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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by spittinfire, Sep 11, 2009.

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    So I found a range not too far away and decided I would give the Kimber a try before making up my mind. I put 100 rounds thru it, not a single problem. I did discover that it didn't like the 200 gr loads I made up for my XD but that's fine, I didn't really expect it to.
    My first impression of the weapon is that it is a quality firearm(rust issue aside, see my other thread) that is accurate and easy to shoot. I had no problems keeping 2" groups at 12 yards. I found the trigger to break nicely with a light pull. The reset was quick and noticable, I never once questioned if the trigger was ready for the next shot. Pointability was good, although I didn't find myself hitting slightly low at first. After a short time of of making sure my front sight was high enough, this went away.
    Coming from an XD45 I found myself always surprised when the slide locked back. Going from 13+1 to 7+1 is an adjustment.
    I'm not 100% sold on 1911s at this point. Right now I believe I could shoot my XD better then this Kimber but I have much more time behind the XD so I should be able to. I might shoot it some more and see how it goes but as of now, the XD is still my go to weapon.
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    The real difference will hit you when you've been shooting the 1911 exclusively for a while and then go to something else. Trust me, a 1911 tends to spoil you on other guns. I have a pair of XDs myself but my goto gun is always a 1911...

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    100% in agreement with you..........