Finally Setup and Reloading

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by vmkeith, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. vmkeith

    vmkeith New Member

    The wifey got me the Lee Anniversary Kit for Xmas, and I've finished getting everything else needed to start reloading. Got everything setup today and loaded my first 20 rounds of 6.8mm SPC.

    It's not much of a setup, but you use what you've got, and I'll improve my setup as time goes on.

    case prep

    press and powder

    My first 20 rounds...unfortunately I forgot to get a bullet puller. Something I seriously need as my first few rounds were loaded too deep.
  2. fmj

    fmj New Member

    Being a fan of Lee stuff (its what i use) the FIRST things your gonna want to upgrade is the scale and measure.

    I have found the powder measure never throws a consistent charge. And a digital scale makes life SO much easier.

    I have also found the "needs and wants" never end!

    Welcome to the reloading world....

  3. MidnightExpress

    MidnightExpress New Member

    I agree with fmj, the Lee scales I have are not consistent at all. I can weigh a known object four times and get 3-4 different readings. I don't know about the powder measure, I have one, I'm just not using it. I'm using the Pro-Auto Disk and it seems to be very consistent with my pistol and rifle powders.

    I'm not a fan of digital scales for reloading, I prefer the RCBS 5-0-5 scales I'm currently using.
  4. cottontop

    cottontop Guest

    I kind of like that Lee scale. Mine is pretty consistant.
  5. tiberius10721

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    When reloading pistol ammunition I use the lee disk system because it works well with powders like hp38,bullseye,and tight group. For reloading my rifle cartridges I love my rcbs charge master. As far as my lee scale I've knocked it over so many times that I've lost count and it still works perfect.