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Finally got one

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Alright guys I decided to trade my mossberg 500 off for a 7mm Mauser I don't know a thing about this gun besides it a Mauser on the side of it it says mauser chieno modelo 1895 deutsche waffen -und munitionsfabriken Berlin I will post pics of it in little bit
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The Mdl. 95 is a 2 lug cock on closing action. When reloading use caution as many modern loads are intended for the Mdl. 98, Ruger 77 & Number 1 etc. The 7X57 is a very fine cartridge.:)
No not at all. You can use modern loads. However do not use the high pressure loads intended for the 3 Lug or higher pressure actions. These action can spring under stress and lock up. There is a chance you can damage the head space. It is like down loading for a lever action. Just bear in mind this is not a 700 Remington Action.
As for as accuracy it is a military Spec. rifle of the last century. It should be a good 100 yd. deer rifle with the iron sights. The twist rate is fast so you may need a heavy bullet. Good Luck:)
The Mdl. 95 is not in orignal condition. The OP is not familiar with the Mauser Turn Bolt action. We have no idea of the head space on this rifle. Many imported military rifles have maximum head space. It is not a wise choice to load ammo which exceeds 46,000 CUPs not knowing the facts. :confused:
The Mdl.98 was made in a large ring and small ring Rec. That is another issue. You simply need scope bases for a Mdl. 95 reciever. You will need the bolt handle turned down or add a custom low bolt handle. The work will have to be done by a gun smith.
I would have the muzzle and throat checked. The head space should be gauged before you spend money on a scope.:)
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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