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Finally got one

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Alright guys I decided to trade my mossberg 500 off for a 7mm Mauser I don't know a thing about this gun besides it a Mauser on the side of it it says mauser chieno modelo 1895 deutsche waffen -und munitionsfabriken Berlin I will post pics of it in little bit
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Here are a couple pics of it I will get better ones of it tm I have to switch phones
Congrats buddy!!!!! Nice ol trigger jerker there
Yep there some history to the round alright I was wondering think its a good idea if I redo the stock because its has a nice amount of ware on it and I need a project
Heck yes make it perty an how ever else YOU WANT IT HELL ITS YOUR GUN
Lol I know it my gun but I mean this ain't no collector piece right is it
Nope its you piece now, collectors look elsewhere, besides ugly guns are like ugly women, you love to play but dont wanna be seen right??? Man that was messed up, dang just shut up an re finish that stock ok got it ¿¿¿¿¿¿
Here's a few more pics
Boyds make a nice stock for it, an I have had several boyds stocks all were very good quality an less than 120$ shipped go online a looki ya freak
I did look but I didn't know if they would fit my gun know I think grandpa needs a nap because he is a little crabby lol
Ill show you a nap, lil sum a gun, yes they have them all it takes is a phone call an they will fix you up, well your gun up u cant be fixed, neutered yes fixed no
Lol so can I mont a scope in with out the bolt hitting it
Yes now shut up. Lmao jk but yes you can they make several mounts for it, look up Talley scope rings, find what u want an pm me
You need to go to a smith and have the bolt handle turned down, or replaced. It is not scope friendly. It is a small ring action. The 1898 was the 1st large ring action. They are also out there in a small ring configuration. This was a basket case M38 Swede. I had it made into a hunter for my middle son. The bolt handle is about $10.00 at Brownells. A smith cuts off the old one and wields the new one on. He wanted see through rings so he could use it for close shots. The metal has since been woodland camo'ed to match the stock. Rifle is in 6.5x55. '95 and '96 action are almost identical. The stock took a bit of inletting to fit correctly. Weaver style bases work great.
The boyds looks great on it. Just made the gun huh.
I gave my son options, this is what he wanted. It is actually very comfortable to shoot.
I have a boyds on a marlin its the light weight thumbhole also the pepper color an it is very comfortable to shoot as well for the price you just cant go wrong.
1 - 8 of 38 Posts
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