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Finally got a safe

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The wife, her mom and my mom went in on a gun safe for me this Christmas, they got the 36 gun Sentinel which was on sale at Menards on Black Friday for 500 bucks. I saw the ad it seemed like a good safe, it had a 45 min at 1200 fire rating which many comprable safes had only a 30 minute. The only thing I don't like about it is the digital lock, my buddy had one on his safe years ago and if failed causing him to have a locksmith come break in to it and install a combo lock.
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i just got my firest too only a 6 gun rifle lock box. coupled with my small wall safe for my pistals. figered better get the rilfes and shot gun locked up befor they get stolen and the law requires it beat the rush
I dream of getting a big fire safe one day:)
All I can say is go waaayyy bigger than you "need", there's no way I am fitting 36 guns in there, not if I ever want to get any but the front 4 out and even then I don't think 36 would fit unless they were all model 94 winchesters with no slings or scopes on them.
blucoondawg, Are you sure your wife is not just locking your guns up. That way you will stay home and work around the house.:D
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