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    I was cruising the Internet auto parts sites looking for a decent oiler for firearms, since the supposed "quality" Dewey oiler I bought some time back never did work right. I couldn't get any oil out of the damn thing.

    I found this one at O'Reilly Auto Parts.


    This is a really nice unit. It's all lathe turned Aluminum with O-Ring seals at both ends to prevent any leakage. It comes empty, so you can add the lubricant of your choice. The problem with a lot of these type of units, is if you use a high viscosity lubricant in them, they won't flow because the orifices in them are just too small. I filled this one with 20W-50 Mobil 1 and it works flawlessly.

    The needle is protected by a threaded, lathe turned Aluminum cap that seals with an O-Ring. The top section is nicely knurled and has a spring loaded tip that depresses like a ball point pen. This is the end it fills from, and it also seals with an O-Ring as well. After you fill it, when you press on the tip and release it, it will dispense exactly one drop. If you press and hold the tip it will dispense a drop every few seconds until you release the tip.

    This thing is the cats ass for lubing AR-15, 1911's, and AK's. It allows you to get the lube right where you want it. The needle is about 2 1/2" long so you can get it anywhere in the receiver, and put the lube right where you want it.

    I've gone through several of these things over the years, never really finding a good one. As I mentioned, I purchased a Dewey oil bottle a few years back because Dewey normally makes quality products. But I just never could get it to work right. The one's I found that did work OK, leaked like a sieve, or else you couldn't refill them. This one is well made, simple, and works like a champ and doesn't leak a drop. It's got a pocket clip like a ball point so you can keep it in your shirt pocket while at the range, and you'll always have lube with you.
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    Have that exact parts store is my first stop for gun lube products as well. ;)

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    Well heck, I was going to post something humorous and probably unhelpful, but that is a cool device. I must hunt one down.