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    My trying to learn as much as possible about firearms care, I happened across Chuck Hawks web site. He has an article written by Bill Johnson about affordable accuracy (

    Curiosity led me to the David Tubb web site and the article on Final Finish (

    My question is, has anyone tried this, or know someone who had, or has heard about results (good or bad)?

    It sounds almost too good to be true. For less than $40, improving the rifle's accuracy by up to 60%.

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    If it sounds to gud to be true---------:rolleyes:

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    This will probably get multiple opinions- here's mine-

    The degree of accuracy sought with that product and process would be discernable to a long range benchrest shooter that is trying to shrink a group from .39 to .30. Sorta like putting a turbo on a Yugo for a lot of folks.

    I have seen several products used for fire lapping. Some swear by it, some swear at it. Some barrels may need it more than others. I do have a couple of older target rifles with hand lapped barrels- and they all shoot better than I can.

    Would this give you OMG accuracy out of a Mini-14? Doubt it. Could it improve the accuracy of a 6mm BR rifle? Possibly.

    Used to know a guy that ran a "Speed Shop"- place that sold aftermarket stuff to go on a car when you were building a racer. Had a sign that said "Speed is expensive. How fast did you want to go?" Same thing applies to accuracy.