Filming the Bad Guy's View

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    The most common question I get is, "How do you film the Bad Guy's View?"...which is usually followed by, "Do you ever shoot your camera?"

    The answer to the second question is , "No." , but I have ruined a few tripods from the legs taking hits from downward deflecting bullet fragments.

    To answer the first question, this video shows exactly how I film the BGV. On the video I run through it twice, first with a Remington New Model Army Revolver and then with a Third Model Dragoon.

    So, if you were wondering...

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    Have ya ever hit the tripod or camera?
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    Have you ever thought of using a mirror by the target instead of a camera?
    Catch the image of the mirror with the camera.
    A mirror may be cheaper to replace.
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    I get that suggestion a lot. It makes sense, but there are two reasons why I haven't tried it. A mirror would have to be quite a bit bigger than the camera, and I think it would be much more likely than the camera to get hit with bullet fragments and break.

    The second reason I haven't tried it is because I think it would be too hard to set up. I do all this stuff alone, and it takes me about 20 minutes to set up the shot for the BGV. I have to establish a mark and then there is a lot of walking back and forth from the camera to the mark, filming test clips. It can take me 10 or 20 tests until I have the shot framed correctly. Adding a mirror to the equation will just make it that much more difficult to get the shot framed.