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Hello Guys,

I've seen the Talon Robot Series and I like them and the idea a lot.
But there also some disadvantages of the system.
One I think is the high price, at around 200k $. Which in my eyes declines
the main advantage of a robot, which is being expendable compared to
human soldiers. High price robot is still more expendable than a human
of course. The technology on board is worth the money, but most
applications don't need night vision at 1000m or other features.
This why I got the idea of making an own platform a lot cheaper
at around 10K $ which I would also consider more effective.

I wanna a show you my basic ideas. And want to discuss about the idea
with you.

Photo Talon:

Basic Ideas:

Tracked, at roughly the same dimensions of the Talon Swords,
but I think a tracked one with a good suspension wourld do fine.
Material should be metal or a poly which do not crack or brake if
shot (multiple). Should be able to still apss thorugh doors.

I think speed is an important factor on many ways. Finding cover, chasing,
etc. So I find 15km/h is the minimum, nice would be 20-25, perfect
would be 30+. Range should be configurable with adding battery packs,
some need not a large range (law enforcement) some do (military).
So maybe varieying from 20km to 50-100 depending on configuration.
It should be able to climb the large stairs common in large building,
like public buildings. Older and smaller houses often got a type of stairs
which I do not think it is possible to climb by such a vehicle without
modification (CG is teh problem).

I favor an AR 15 with a 100rd or 150rd Mag because of its light weight
and it is quite common. Others should be possible too, like LMGs and
additional or instead breaching tools.

I favor a too camera layout, one for aiming on the gun, and one overview
cam mounted a bit higher with teh ability to turn it 360 independently from
the rest of the weapon. An microphone is also nice maybe multiple ones
to track gun fire.

Normal PC components would do just fine, nothing too special
and a simple control layout for easy and instictive controls.
Maybe using sattelite transmission, so operators from far away
can control them. Possible scenario: 10 positions to defende,
standby robos on all positions if alarm the operator group
can take control and fight. One group for 10 positions.

As learned from panzer warfare, "mobility-firepower-armour"
I would suggest armouring the lower chassis in NJ III(a) and in
a heavier version NJ IV. Maybe also armour for the gun part.
This will highly decease losses and damage to the vehicle.

Additional Ideas/Upgrades:

Deep Wading / Marine: Improved water Protection of all electronic parts,
rust-free bearings and swimming antenna (water deflects radio signals a lot)
for amphibous operations.

Special heavy duty to transport soldiers backpacks.

Long-Range kit:
Carrier vehicle with gasoline engine tranporting the fighting vehicle
over long distances whiel its still fully fightable.

So I am interested in your opinion about this idea, and also
if there is a market for a small series.

Sry for my english I am not a native english speaker.
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