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    So a friend of mine has offered to build an AR for me. He has an ffl out of Missouri. I sent an email to my ffl about doing the transfer when all was said and done. This is the response I got.
    The "original model" of a custom gun must have been Mass. Compliant when factory new. The present configuration of the gun must not have a threaded muzzle, no colapsable stock and may not accept high capacity magazines. And, since bringing in a gun from someone who is not a regular gun wholesaler, is such a royal pain, I'm prone to charge an arm and a leg.

    My question is, is his statement correct? To my knowledge he is right on the barrel, but I believe the stock can be collapsable as long as it has been pinned (making it not collapsable) and I believe he is completely off on the magazine statement. I believe it can't come with high capacity magazines but I don't believe it needs to be made so it won't accept them.
    Any ma based ffls here with answers? I think he is just being difficult. But if the laws have changed I'd like to know before I spend the $
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    I thank god I don't live in Mass. Just working there is bad enough. I think you should move over the border, Mountainman, and then you can just go buy anything you want, no hassles!