FFL requirements today???

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by pmanton, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I didn't renew my FFL during the Clinton era due to harassment from the local LEOs.

    Is it possible to obtain an FFL today without a store front? I'm in rural AZ and am interested in being a non stocking dealer if possible. I would assist in transfers and background checks if this becomes law. Firearms would be ordered only for individual buyers. This is what I was doing before Clinton got me, and I'd like to do it again IF I can get the FFL without a store front.


    Salome, AZ
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    I believe I would start with the agency or authority that issue the permit / licenses

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    As said, talk to the ATF.

    However, I do business with several 01 FFLs that have their operations at their home (one is a danged good gunsmith).

    You must be legal (zoning, business license) you must have a designated premises (cannot operate ONLY at gun shows)

    You must have established operating hours (could be 1-4 on Saturdays)

    You MUST intend to "engage in the business" of buying and selling guns. If you use it only for personal buying, will not fly.

    And. as said, talk to the ATF.
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    As a FFL still operating out of a garage ( not for much longer I hope ) I X2 the above. Our BATFE field agent was pretty flexable on the biz hours since we are by appointment.
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    Just finished my once every three years renewal check from ATF. My local agent (Dallas) said processing ten new requests for one renewal visit! Seemed to be flexible on everything but I have a building I operate out of and have regular office hours. He did mention there were several operating out of their house but the only concern was the business licensing for the area and zoning requirements for the location. I know three of them out of the Dallas office and they all three have been very courteous, attentive to my questions/concerns and two of the three have given me their personal cell phone numbers to be able to have questions answered after hours or weekends if I run into something I am not used to handling! Call and talk with your local agents and I believe you will find them to be darn nice folks and willing to help you through anything you need assistance with.
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    That's a great point.
    Sometimes we all (and myself very much included) fall into the trap of demonizing the entire ATF but there are certainly some very good people working there as well!