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    I have had my FFL since May of last year and have had several questions come up during this time. I normally call the local ATF office for questions but it always seems they are busy so maybe I can get my questions answered here.

    One that comes to mind now is when you accept a firearm in from a non-license holder do you have to get a photo ID from them for your records or can you just get there name and address for the bound log? Through the many transfers I have accepted in and dealing with other license holders I noticed that some just want the name and address if you don't have an FFL, some want a Drivers License, and others wont even accept from a non-license holder. Anybody knowing the CFR's, Law, or Rulings that state what is required would be helpful.

    I am sure I will have many other questions that arise...Hopefully this isn't an obvious answer I am overlooking. Thanks, Henry

    Also, anyone knowing of any other sites with forums for FFL holders please let me know.
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    It is a good rule of thumb to get a photocopy of the sellers Drivers License, that way you are sure you have all of the information you need in a legible form. All you need is the seller address though.

    Here is a link to the November FFL Newsletter and on the top of page 7 it covers this exact question...


    "...a nonlicensee may directly ship a firearm to a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer for any lawful purpose. As such, the nonlicensee may arrange to ship the firearm directly to a licensed dealer in the State where the other nonlicensee lives. The receiving licensee is required to enter the name and address of the nonlicensee from whom the firearm was received. A copy of the nonlicensee’s driver’s license may
    be used to verify this information, but there is no regulatory requirement that it be provided by the nonlicensee."

    Some states (NY, CA, possibly others) have laws that prohibit any non-licensee from shipping guns to anyone inside of their state. CA goes even further... Also some larger chain stores (Bass Pro for example) have policies against receiving guns from anyone other than an FFL holder.

    Hope this helps...